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Once a week during the academic year, an invited speaker (from abroad, as well as from the Czech Republic) talks about his or her scientific work. Colloquium takes place at the Faculty of Informatics and is open to the scientific community. Lecture dates can be found in the programme.
Tuesday 14.00 - 15.00, D2, FI MU, Botanická 68a
Programmes of the past colloquia

Colloquia programme for the Autumn 2016 semester

Programme for Autumn 2016 with abstracts
20. 9. 2016
doc. PhDr. Karel Pala, CSc., FI MU
Verb valency frames and knowledge representation
27. 9. 2016
dr. Edgar Weippl, SBA Research, Vídeň
Applied Research in Information Security
4. 10. 2016
Francesco Caputo, FI MU
The role of Service Logic and Systems Thinking in managing social and economic complexity
11. 10. 2016
Dr. Mouzhi Ge, Faculty of Computer science, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Landscape of Recommender System Research
18. 10. 2016
Dr. Ivan Viola, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Vienna University of Technology
Multi-Scale Molecular Data Visualization
25. 10. 2016
prof. Jens Rittscher, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford
Quantitative Methods for Cell and Tissue Imaging
1. 11. 2016
prof. RNDr. Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D., RNDr. Petr Švenda, Ph.D., FI MU
The Million-Key Question – Investigating the Origins of RSA Public Keys
8. 11. 2016
Doc. Mgr. Martin Nečaský, Ph.D., MFF UK
Linked Open Data: Current State and Future Trends
15. 11. 2016
doc. RNDr. Tomáš Brázdil, Ph.D., FI MU
Deep Reinforcement Learning
22. 11. 2016
doc. PhDr. Karel Pala, CSc., RNDr. Vojtěch Kovář, Ph.D., FI MU
Punctuation Detection and Correction for Czech
29. 11. 2016
RNDr. Radka Svobodová Vařeková, Ph.D., Výzkumná skupina Výpočetní chemie, Středoevropský technologický institut
Detection, Validation, Visualization and Characterization of Key Patterns in Molecular Data
6. 12. 2016
prof. Francesco Polese, University of Salerno
Systems Theories contributes to Service Science
13. 12. 2016
prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Nešetřil, DrSc., MFF UK
20. 12. 2016
prof. Daniel Kráľ, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick
Permutations - quasirandomness and property testing
2. 5. 2017
Dr. Jakub Mareček, IBM Ireland Research Laboratory.

Programmes of the past colloquia

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