Outsourcing University IS

The Information System of Masaryk University (IS MU) was officially launched into operation 1 March 1999, and has been developed, innovated, and improved ever since by the FI MU Computer Systems Unit team.

Initially, development targeted record keeping for study-related data and support for the credit system. It included applications intended to collect data on publications, CVs, and the course catalogue. Today, the system can do much more. It includes a broad spectrum of applications and functions, and has been kept up-to-date with the latest requirements.

What can IS MU do?

An Award-Winning System

In 2005, Masaryk University received a prestigious European EUNIS Elite Award, for IS. The prize is given for the best implementation of a university information system. IS MU was also  a finalist in the  ISA Awards 2009, and received a prize in the Data Processing System category. Every year the best global solutions for  extensive computing systems based on the high performance Intel Itanium platform are evaluated. IS MU was the first in the Czech Republic to achieve this success.

Currently, the system provides for the administrative needs of university study, integrates a number of administrative and communications services, e-learning and e-courses open to public, alumni services, an internet Shopping Centre, a repository of final theses, publications, and other documents, and the electronic administration of applications and administrative tasks, including a File Service and Contract Registry.

Inter-University Systems

In addition to the Information System, the FI MU Computer Systems Unit operates systems for disclosing plagiarism – Odevzdej.cz, Theses.cz and Repozitar.cz and a system to verify diploma ID numbers PravyDiplom.cz.

Masaryk University also outsources the Information System and plagiarism detection systems to other universities and institutions, which are among its satisfied customers and active users of the systems' services.

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