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School IS outsourcing

Masaryk University Information System (IS MU) was officially put into operation on March 1, 1999 and since then it has been constantly developed, innovated and improved by the development team of the FI MU Computer Science Center.

Initially, the development focused mainly on the area of study records and credit system support, applications for collecting data on publishing activities, CVs and a catalog of courses. Today, our system can do much more, cover a wide range of different applications and functions, and continue to be upgraded to meet the demands of the times.

What can IS MU do?

Award-winning system

In 2005, Masaryk University won a prestigious European award for IS MU EUNIS Elite Award , which is awarded for the best implementation of university information systems. IS MU also fought its way through the finalists of the prize competition ISA Awards 2009 and was awarded in the category of data processing systems. The competition annually evaluates the world's best solutions in the field of large-scale computer systems based on the powerful Intel Itanium platform, and IS MU was the first in the Czech Republic to achieve this success.

Currently, the system provides administration of university studies, integrates a number of administrative and communication services, electronic support of teaching and courses for the public, services for graduates, online shopping center, repository of theses, publications or other documents and electronic management of applications and official acts, including file service and register contracts.

Interuniversity systems

In addition to the information system, the FI MU Computer Science Center also operates interuniversity plagiarism detection systems - , and and a system for verifying the authenticity of the diploma number .

Masaryk University provides information systems and systems for detecting plagiarism in the form of outsourcing as well other universities and others institutions which are among the satisfied customers and active users of service systems.

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