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Open Days (Dod) for those interested in studying at the Faculty of Informatics MU (FI MU) in the academic year 2021/2022

For those interested in studying at FI MU, we offer the following dates:

So far, we are planning events as a contact (with the exception of Open Day 6 November 2021). Follow the current information on the linked pages.


"I had no experience with programming, but it's easy to get. More important is logical reasoning, mathematics and effective problem solving, which is what FI MU focuses on. ”

Klára Petrovičová
graduate Bc. program Informatics, specialization Artificial intelligence and natural language processing


"If I've ever complained in high school that something is being taken too slowly, it's not really a threat here - what we did at the gym for a month will be discussed in one lecture, then there are a few examples of exercises and the rest has to man walk at home. But I definitely don't want to scare anyone, the freedom is great. And I don't feel like I'm losing any motivation. I still enjoy most subjects. "

Michael Koudela
graduate Bc. program Applied Informatics

More information and brochures to download

Form for ordering and sending free printed matter about the Faculty of Informatics, MU
Brochure Information on studying at the Faculty of Informatics (CZ, 2021, 4.3 MB PDF) Download .
Research Areas and Laboratories brochure (EN, 2021, 3.25 MB PDF) Download .
Current information about FI MU contains the Web with study programs: , At FI without receivers , or a twelve-page article in Scienfic American magazine .
You can gain personal experience with the faculty at Individual excursions and other activities for high schools .


E-mail: (preferred contact, for specific questions about study and admission procedure); Phone: +420 54949 1818
E-mail: (for sending brochures); Phone: +420 54949 4929
E-mail: (for those interested in excursions); Phone: +420 54949 1819
You can follow Instagram: @fi_muni , Facebook: FI.MUNI.CZ , Twitter: @fi_muni