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Open days for those interested in studying at the Faculty of Informatics, MU in the academic year 2020/2021

Where? event online in MS-Teams, links on the pages of individual Dods below. Possibility to visit a 3D model of the faculty ;-).

When? Current offer of dates for the academic year 2020/21:

A tour of the three dimensions of the MU Faculty of Informatics


Record from Dod 22. 10. 2020
Photos from the Open Day on October 24, 2019

Video from DOD in 2017

A record will be made of the event in MS-Teams. By active non-anonymous participation, you agree to the record.

More information and brochures to download

Website with study programs: , At FI without receivers , Individual excursions and other activities for high schools
Brochure Information on studies at the Faculty of Informatics (CZ, 2020, 1.6 MB PDF) to download .
Brochure Activities for high school students who enjoy computer science, web version (EN, 2020, 2.1 MB PDF) to download .
Research Areas and Laboratories brochure , print version (EN, 2020, 14.9 MB PDF) to download .
Research Areas and Laboratories brochure , web version (EN, 2020, 1.4 MB PDF) to download .


E-mail: (preferred contact, for specific questions or for sending brochures by post)
Phone: +420 54949 1818
E-mail: (for those interested in excursions)
Phone: +420 54949 6282
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