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Alumni FI MU

The number of FI alumni has reached 5000.

Alumni Newsletter

We are happy to see our graduates succeeding in various roles and undertakings. And we are getting ready to provide an information service (most likely a simple newsletter) to our alumni who express an interest to stay in touch with and keep learning about their alma mater. Stay tuned, please.

Survey Results

In a survey we conducted among FI alumni in the end of 2016, the following findings appeared:

Strategy and large projects

Graduates are significantly more interested in two kinds of information— FI/MU development strategy (e.g., plans for new study programs, strategic alliances) and Important activities and large projects (e.g., reconstruction of FI buildings, new supercomputer)— than any other information (Changes in study programs; Changes in structure and management of FI, departments; New courses or Information about selected alumni / students).

FI-related info twice a year

When supplementing information from FI by information about other parts of MU, non-FI information should only take about 20% of the coverage.

Alumni information feedback should be provided about once per semester.

Last but not least, alumni are willing to lend a helping hand to FI in various ways.

Stay in Touch


E-mail: info@fi.muni.cz