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Association of Industrial Partners FI MU

Faculty of Informatics (FI), Masaryk University (MU) founded its Association of Industrial Partners – SPP (in Czech Sdružení Průmyslových Partnerů – SPP) at the beginning of 2007. Cooperation with a particular company is always based on shared interest in a particular activity. Establishing a closer relationship is crucial for companies especially in areas where FI holds a privileged position, at least on a national level.

Developing mutual cooperation may take on a variety of forms – closer links between research and industry, cooperation in laboratories on science and research projects, cooperation in teaching and creating fields of study and graduates’ profiles, student internships, supervision of theses, etc.

Joining the Association of Industrial Partners is predicated upon signing a formal agreement with FI, and earmarking resources to cover the costs of common activities.

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The Faculty revenues from projects involving partners in 2023

6 324 659 Kč

Finance provided to support cooperation
in 2023

5 953 616 Kč

Financial support
PhD students
in 2023

700 000 Kč

In total
including contract research
in 2023

13 841 335 Kč


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The SPP at the Faculty of Informatics is intended for companies interested in a long-term cooperation with FI.

Cooperation within the SPP is based on a contractual basis in the following three levels:


Long-term common interest is the basis of the highest level of partnership – the Strategic Partner category. The Strategic Partner has the opportunity to "be there" when the faculty discusses relevant issues of study or research. Strategic Partners take part in support provided to PhD research, and usually have their representative available at FI MU on regular basis, etc.


Usually serves larger companies to establish the initial contact with the prospect of moving on to a higher level. Every Partner has a dedicated contact person from among FI MU academics, participates in development projects involving several students, and in other activities.


This form of cooperation is intended for small companies or the first contact in a partnership. The aim is to get to know each other, to understand each other better, and to identify concrete opportunities for cooperation.

Partners at All Levels

  • can take part in regular meetings with FI students and staff (organized in the final weeks of each term) where the partners are also informed about important FI developments and plans.
  • can also be advertised at the Association's information points. Several times a year, there are opportunities for additional individual promotions, aimed primarily at the higher levels of cooperation.

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