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  • Tuesday

    23 Oct

    Informatics Colloquium 23. 10. GovCERT.CZ a jeho působení

    Informatics Colloquium 23. 10. 2018, 14:00 ledture hall D2 RNDr. Radim Ošťádal, NBÚ Praha Abstract: Cílem prezentace je základní pochopení činnosti a spolupráce organizací zabývajících se kybernetickou bezpečností v České republice. Hlubší pohled je poskytnut na vládní CERT tým, na jím poskytované služby a na jeho spolupráci s dalšími organizacemi. Na závěr se posluchač seznámí s různými typy kybernetických cvičení.
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    From 2:00 PM

  • Friday

    9 Nov

    Prof. Anuj Dawar's lecture: The Limits of Symmetric Computation

    About the lecture The most famous open problem in theoretical computer science, known as the P vs. NP problem challenges us to prove that for some natural search problems, no efficient algorithm is possible. At the moment, we have no idea how to prove such a statement. In order to make meaningful progress, we can restrict the class of algorithms we consider and show that, within these restrictions, no efficient algorithm exists. In this talk, I consider a natural restriction to symmetric algorithms. I explain how symmetries arise naturally in computational problems and why algorithms that respect these symmetries have inherent limitations. Many of our most powerful algorithmic techniques are symmetry-preserving, while others are not. Exploring these limits offers a rich research agenda combining logic, algebra and combinatorics with algorithms. The lecture will be held at Mendel Museum, Refectory of Augustinian Abbey (Mendlovo nám. 1a, Brno) About the speaker Anuj Dawar is the Professor of Logic and Algorithms at the University of Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute in London.
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    From 9:00 AM

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"I'd like to thank our academics and students, particularly our doctoral students, for publishing work that has seen the Faculty of Informatics ranked first out of 55 institutions in the area in disciplinary comparisons published by IDEA CERGE in Oborová publikační výkonnost pracovišť výzkumných organizací v ČR v letech 2009-2013.

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