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  • Tuesday

    23 Apr

    Informatics Colloquium 23.4. What is the best timeout?

    Informatics Colloquium 23. 4. 2019, 14:00 lecture hall D2 RNDr. Vojtěch Řehák, Ph.D., FI MU What is the best timeout? Abstract: We all have some experience with deadlines, and we know how hard it is to deliver results in time, especially when some obstacles with an uncertain solving time may occur. In this talk, we deal with formalisms suitable for modeling and analysis of such systems, i.e., reflecting both timeouts and actions taking stochastic continuous time. We show how this kind of stochastic timed systems can be modeled and what properties can be computed for such models. On surprisingly small examples we also demonstrate some fundamental limits of such models. Then we will consider that some parts of the model are unknown and we take them as parameters that we would like to synthesize automatically. Finally, we will present results allowing for the synthesis of (epsilon)-optimal timeouts in such systems.
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    From 2:00 PM

  • Monday

    6 May

    2019 Crossing Numbers Workshop

    Prof. Petr Hliněný invites you to one week's workshop in Telč. The workshop focuses on various problems of graph crossing numbers, and more generally with geometric graphs. Date: May 6 - 10 2019
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    From 9:00 AM

  • Wednesday

    12 Jun

    DIMEA Days - The Faculty of Informatics invites scientists from the field of discrete mathematics

    Last year, an excellent scientist and holder of two ERC grants Daniel Kral moved to the Faculty of Informatics. After his arrival at the faculty, he became the head of the laboratory of discrete methods and algorithms DIMEA. Now, the DIMEA laboratory cordially invites to a two-day meeting of Central European scientists and researchers from the field of discrete mathematics and theoretical informatics DIMEA Days. The program will start on Wednesday, June 12 and conclude on Thursday, June 13 Registration ends March 31. Venue: Moravian Museum, Dietrichstein palace, Zelný trh 8, Brno More information:
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    From 9:00 AM

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