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  • Tuesday
    21 Sep

    Informatics Colloquium 21.9. Insights Gained from Evaluating MUNI's Cybercompass Course with Computer Science Undergraduates

    Informatics Colloquium21.9. 2021, 14:00 lecture hall D2
    Dr.-Ing. Lydia Kraus, ÚVT MU
    Insights Gained from Evaluating MUNI's Cybercompass Course with Computer Science Undergraduates
    Abstract: As cyber threats endanger everyone from basic users to computing professionals, spreading cybersecurity awareness becomes more and more critical. Therefore, a dedicated team at MUNI designed an “everyday” cybersecurity course that is freely available online for students, employees, and the general public. The course, named Cybercompass, aims to raise awareness about essential cybersecurity topics. It offers simple actionable steps that anyone can use to implement defensive countermeasures. In spring this year, we evaluated how students perceive the course and whether it impacts their security behavior. We administered the course to 138 undergraduates in computer science. They completed the course as a part of their graded homework and filled out a questionnaire after each lesson. Statistical analysis of the questionnaire responses revealed that the students valued the course highly. They reported new learning, changes in their perspectives, and transfer to practice. At the same time, they suggested suitable improvements to the course. Based on the results, we have distilled specific insights that will help MUNI's course designers to improve the course and that will help security educators outside MUNI to design similar courses.
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    From 2:00 PM

  • Friday
    1 Oct

    Apply for the Brno Ph.D. Talent

    Take advantage of the unique opportunity to become one of 25 selected scholarship holders who will support JCMM for the uniqueness of your project in the field of technology or natural sciences. Interesting scientific projects can become part of the next year of the Brno Ph.D. Talent, which takes place in the English language. The program is aimed at the best first-year students of doctoral programs at partner Brno universities. Czech and foreign doctoral students can apply for financial support. The selection of the most successful will be made by a commission composed of evaluators from prestigious research institutes and universities from around the world. CZK 300,000 during 3 years of doctoral studies can be used by each student at their discretion.
    Each candidate must meet a number of conditions.
    Interested parties register for the competition via the website from 2 August to 30 September 2021. There is also prepared a workshop containing everything you need about the project. Basic information of Brno Ph.D. Talent You can find here. Grants Brno Ph.D. Talent is provided by the Statutory City of Brno. The project is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy. Its implementation is provided by JCMM, z. s. p. o.
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  • Tuesday
    12 Oct

    Grants Week 2021 - interactive on-line conference

    Are you looking for more information on Horizon Europe (HE), the new European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation?
    Grants Week 2021 builds on the success of the four previous annual events. Grants Week aims to provide researchers and research support staff with practical and useful information about grant programs focusing on international grants, especially the European Commission Horizon EUROPE.
    Grants Week 2021 will host Dr. Sean McCarthy, a renowned expert on the EC programs who has been active as a researcher and scientific evaluator for 10 different EU R&D Programmes since 1980 with his presentation How to write a competitive proposal for Horizon Europe.
    The invitation also accepted some grants holders and representatives of TC CAS, GAČR, TAČR.   Date of event: 12. - 15. 10. 2021 The main language of the event is English, the registration is required.
    The event program and registration are possible here.
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    From 9:00 AM

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