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Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University

For the public

Faculty entrance at night

Scientists' Night

Children playing with Karel The Robot


Junior University
An ongoing recording of a film interview

Film Festival

Faculty of Computer Science

For applicants and high school students

A highschooler is reading paper handouts while holding a pencil

Open Days

Lecturer standing illuminated by Python code slides

Python for high school students

A faculty ambassador explains a board game to students

Get to know FI

A team of players stands ready for a showdown

Computer science competitions for high school students

More activities for high school students

For students and industry partners

Moderator talking in a debate

Days with industrial partners

Days SPP
A moment from an autumn relay race

Computer science competitions for undergraduates

For computer scientists and professionals

Lecturer standing in front of a slide with charts.

Informatics colloquia

Closeup of a lecturer in the Mendel Museum´s Augustinian Abbey Refectory

Seminar series MU

Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science
Two people talking in front of a bulletin board with a research paper poster


International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue
A small group of people watching a presentation sat in a circle

FI Research Group Workshops

History of conferences

Past events and happenings

Ross Anderson starting his lecture

Ross J. Anderson in Brno

Award of honorary doctorate and lecture
21. 4. 2022
Donald Knuth and Dana Scott during their lecture

A week with Turing Prize winners

Donald E. Knuth & Dana S. Scott
8. - 11. 10. 2019
People going to the lecture halls to attend the DISC conference

DISC Conference 2017

Development Infrastructure Security Cloud