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Faculty of Informatics as an Employer

The Faculty of Informatics was founded in 1994 as the first Faculty of Informatics in the Czech Republic. Currently, it is one of the leading faculties in Central Europe in research. Today, with an ever-increasing interest in studies, we provide computer science education at all levels of higher education to two thousand students in Czech and English. Experts from the world's leading universities come to lecture and work with us on a permanent basis. In addition to high-quality teaching, cutting-edge research is conducted in nearly twenty laboratories, often in cooperation with the faculty's industrial partners or companies located in the science and technology park right on the FI campus. Research opportunities at FI cover a wide range of topics from theoretical computer science to applied research. FI researchers publish hundreds of papers annually, including papers published at top computer science conferences (A*) and in top ten journals according to Journal Citation Reports.

All staff are cared for by the FI HR department, secretariat, ICT technicians and other administrative staff. The organisational structure of FI can be found here.

Foreign employees, who make up about 5% of the faculty's staff and come from 10 countries (except Slovakia), are taken care of through the university's Welcome Office, which is part of the MU Centre for International Cooperation. The Welcome Office provides incoming foreign employees with above-standard services - from arranging visas to helping them find accommodation, a nursery or an English-speaking doctor to arranging insurance, a bank account or car registration. It also organises various leisure activities for foreign employees, such as an autumn pétanque under Špilberk or a Christmas party where foreign employees can make non-work contacts and get to know Czech Christmas traditions better.

However, FI is not just a "school", for example, there is the Friends of the Nordic Wildlife Society, a group of people not only from FI who share a passion for computer science, natural sciences and their popularisation. They are behind a number of events for FI students and the general public, such as the Correspondence Seminar in Computer Science, the online logic competition InterLoS, the city game InterSoB or the open door weekend with the benefits of Get to know FI.

What does it look like at FI? Watch a short video.

Staff portal

The entry point to all important information resources for employees is the Employee Portal, a modern e-tool for internal communication.

The portal brings together information that is important for the daily work of employees in a clear format. From news from Muni Yammer (MY), to personal calendars and an overview of documents to be processed, to alerts, to the current menu at an employee's favourite restaurant or a link to the current Employee Newsletter.

The portal also displays profiles of everyone at MU. These profiles include, but are not limited to, business phone numbers and an overview of MU employee absences for the next 10 days. All the information is displayed in one place even if the employee in question has multiple appointments at different MU faculties/workplaces.