Budova Botanická 68a, Brno


Centre for Education, Research and Innovation for ICT (CERIT)

The Centre prepares and integrates projects that together form a robust, synergistic concept for promoting ICT research, applications and innovations at Masaryk University. It builds on its own work, based on interdisciplinary collaboration with other partnering national science and research centres, along with leading national and international institutions that focus on areas of significant societal importance. At its core the centre's work consists of strategic projects and long-term developmental concepts, including any technology or operation needed.


CERIT Science Park

Creativity / Security / Partnership

CERIT-SP: Science Park and Business Incubator

The faculty operates CERIT-SP directly on its site. This joining of the university and business environments in a single location constitutes a unique ecosystem, which allows for:

  • dynamic collaboration between the faculty and companies in the area of instruction (mandatory practical experience, supervision of final theses) and in key areas of information technology (security of mobile and data networks, security of energy facilities and other critical infrastructure, protection against cyber attacks, and other areas);
  • rapid transfer of R&D results from the university into practice;
  • creating authentic environments for collaboration which foster creativity and innovation;
  • daily student contact with the business environment during studies, something that brings advantage on the labour market and promotes the exchange of knowledge between the university and the business world.

CERIT Science Park was opened in September 2014. The total rental area is 2 200 m2, enough to accommodate up to 20 companies.