Faculty account

Persons related in some way to the faculty are entitled to a faculty user account. The information used to create or cancel accounts is synchronized via the Information System and sent to the Faculty Administration system twice a day.

Account creation and expiration

An account may be created for persons who meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Students actively studying at FI
  • Students in courses that require access to computer classrooms or in courses whose instructors explicitly requested that access to computer rooms be provided to their students
  • Persons actively employed under an employment contract or work agreement at a faculty department
  • Members of academic staff teaching a course at the faculty or those whose course is taught on the faculty premises*
  • Membership in an IS access point that allows entrance to the classrooms/rooms using a card (ISIC) reader
  • Members of course coordinating committees, or doctoral and academic committee

* – In this case, the account is created for a particular term (the instruction and exam period). If several consecutive terms are concerned, the account also covers the in-between periods. An account is also provided even if the person does not teach in the current term, but gave courses in the preceding term and will resume teaching in the upcoming term (i.e., "teaching every other term").

New account holders will be informed that the account has been set up by mail sent to the IS. Account holders who are no longer eligible for the account will also receive an email about three weeks before the expiration date. Detailed information on your account is available at Faculty Administration in the My Account section under the Overview link.

Problem solving

If you think you should have an active account but do not, please make sure you have got an active access card (for instance ISIC) and afterward contact the relevant authorised persons.

If you are a student working on your thesis and have interrupted your studies but still need your faculty account, please contact your supervisor. He or she shall submit a justified request including the anticipated time period for which you are going to need your account to fadmin@fi.muni.cz.

If you are a member of academic staff, contact the course instructor or the subject supervisor responsible for your course.

If you are an employee, this issue must be addressed by the head of your department or by the HR department.


For faculty services, faculty credentials are used. Please note that they differ from the credentials used for the Information System. Faculty logins usually start with "x" or "q" and are derived from your last name, such as xcerny2.

For the sake of simplicity, the faculty password for your faculty account is initially identical to the IS secondary password. However, it is entirely independent of it. You can change your faculty password using the Change Password application, which is referred to in the My Account section in the Faculty Administration system (requires authentication so you must know your current password) or using the Information System.

Account features

An active account gives you access to many faculty services. In particular, access to faculty machines in individual classrooms or in the computer hall, and to the student Aisa server. Employees may access the Anxur, Ate and Aura servers, as well as the authenticated wireless network. The services also include the Faculty Administration system (Fadmin), mail account, database accounts, web space, Gitlab account, SVN account, MSDN AA, faculty jabber chat, OpenNebula virtualization, and faculty printers. For more information on these services, please refer to the technical information.

Services unrelated to your faculty account

Some rights and services are not linked to your faculty account and its validity. Typically, these services are linked to University Shibboleth authentication or IS. See some examples below.


Support contact: helpdesk@ics.muni.cz.

IS services

  • Access via ISIC or other cards

Support contact: istech@fi.muni.cz.