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Custom HTML pages

Users have the ability to create their own HTML pages and expose them to the world as follows:

  • create a subdirectory in the home directory (eg on Aise) public_html :
    mkdir ~/public_html
  • allow access to your home directory for users apachefi :
    setfacl -m u:apachefi:x ~
  • Name the file with the main HTML page index.html and paste it into the directory public_html .
  • The URL pointing to the page built in this way is login/ where login is your username
  • under the directory public_html you can create a subtree to which your HTML page will link

For the functionality of the site, it is generally necessary for the user to have access to it apachefi , which is best achieved by setting the ACL (see man 5 acl and man setfacl ).

Please note that they are responsible for the content of their publicly available HTML pages according to Rules for using the FI computer network .


User site access logs are stored on Aise until /var/log/httpd-user/ login.log . They are stored for 6 months. Files are read-only to the owner they are login , and account root .

Errors and text from standard error output are stored in the same prefix file ERR: . It is therefore easy to filter them out of the logs using standard tools, eg:

# only error messages
grep '^ERR:' 

# everything 
except error messages
grep -v '^ERR:' 

Creating dynamic pages