User HTML pages

Users may create their own HTML pages and publish them as follows:

  • go to your home directory (e.g. on Aisa) and create a subdirectory public_html
  • allow access to your home directory and the public_html directory for apachefi user:
    setfacl -m u:apachefi:x ~ ~/public_html
  • name the file with your main HTML page index.html and put it in the public_html directory. The index.html file should be readable by apachefi user:
    setfacl -m u:apachefi:r ~/public_html/index.html
  • the URL referring to a page created in this way is
  • in the public_html directory, you can create a subtree which then can be linked from your HTML page

In order for the web pages to work, they should be readable by apachefi user. This can be best achieved by using ACLs (see man 5 acl and/or man setfacl).

Please note that everyone bears responsibility for the content of their public HTML pages in accordance with the Rules for Use of the FI Computer Network .


Website access logs are stored on Aisa server in /var/log/httpd-user/login.log for six months. Each log file is only readable by its owner, i.e. either login or root if the user no longer exists.

Errors and lines from standard error output are also saved into this file. Each line is prefixed with ERR: so it is easy to filter these messages using standard UNIX tools:

# error messages only
grep '^ERR:' login.log

# all except error messages
grep -v '^ERR:' login.log

Dynamic website creation