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Sending and reading mail on FI

Faculty mailbox

  • A user with an active Unix account on FI has a mailbox with a login address
  • The physical storage of your mail is backed up and is either on Aise or Anxur: see the personal mail alias section in the faculty account overview
  • the faculty mailbox is independent of the university mailbox in the Information System (address UČO@, but mail is forwarded to this mailbox by default

Mailbox access options

If you already have a client configured, we recommend checking the configuration for the connection: you should use the SSL/TLS versions of the ports (993, 995, 465) instead of the STARTTLS versions (110, 143, 25). For those interested, see RFC 8314 or the article on

  • using a mail client:

    • incoming mail
      • depending on the physical storage, set the server to or typically use Anxura, students use Aisu)
      • either use IMAP: port 993 (SSL/TLS)
      • or POP3: port 995 (SSL/TLS)
    • outgoing mail
      • SMTP server, port 465 (SSL/TLS)
      • if sending mail outside the FI/MU network is not working ("Connection to SMTP server failed"), your connection provider may be blocking it - use another method of accessing your mailbox or VPN
    • You can also set up an LDAP directory of faculty addresses
  • Web client access:

    • select the server anxur or aisa (see point above)
  • local by logging into Anxura or Aisu via SSH:

    • we recommend using mutt or alpine

Always use the faculty login as the username and authenticate with the faculty password.


For faculty addresses, we support subaddressing, i.e. the option to include a plus sign after the local part of the address followed by an optional string: Our mail server will deliver such mail to The power of this mechanism is that you can then handle these mails in different ways (for example, by putting them in a different folder) using procmail.

LDAP directory

If your client supports it, you can have faculty mail addresses added. However, the LDAP server is only accessible from the FI network.

Procedure for Thunderbird

  • Preferences → Composition → Addressing → Directory Server → Edit Directories... → Add
  • Name: LDAP FI, Hostname:, Base DN: ou=People,dc=fi,dc=muni,dc=cz