Sending and reading mail at the faculty

Faculty mail box

  • users with an active unix account at the faculty can make use of a mailbox
  • the location of the physical storage of your mail is determined based on rules for email delivery within the faculty network
  • faculty mail boxes are independent of the university IS mail box (UČ, but mail is implicitly forwarded to this mail box

Access options

  • via a mail client

    • depending on the physical storage, set or as your server (students usually use Aisa, and employees Anxur)
    • either use the IMAP protocol: port 143 (STARTTLS) or port 993 (SSL/TLS)
    • or the POP3 protocol: port 110 (STARTTLS) or port 995 (SSL/TLS)
    • SMTP server, port 25 (STARTTLS) or port 465 (SSL/TLS)
    • you can also set up an LDAP address book of faculty adresses
  • access via a web client

    • select anxur or aisa server (see the step above)
  • local after logging in via SSH

    • we recommend you use the mutt or alpine program

Always use your faculty login as your username and authenticate using your faculty password.

LDAP address book

If your clients supports this, you can set up autosuggestion of faculty mail addresses.

Instructions for Thunderbird

  • Preferences → Composition → Addressing → Directory Server → Edit Directories... → Add
  • Name: LDAP FI, Hostname:, Base DN: ou=People,dc=fi,dc=muni,dc=cz