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Print on FI


In general

The right to access the printers has employees and FI students. Individual user stations do not access directly to printers, but to the print server (details below).

For successful printing, the faculty print system must also allow you to print under your faculty login to the desired printer and also receive print requests from your machine. Therefore, printing is only allowed from a fixed IP address at the Faculty of Informatics (ethernet cable connection). For a list of printers that you have print enabled, see Fadmin v  Your account summary . If you need to access a new printer or print from a new IP address, talk to and the authoring record (s) will be set up for you (permanently).

Beware , the print job needs to be entered under your faculty login, otherwise you will not be able to print. When printing from your machine, the easiest way to do this is by logging in with an account whose name is identical with your faculty login.

Printing is automatically enabled from Aisa, Anxur and Ate machines.

List of printers

Name Location Hardware Comment Win
copy2a block A, 2nd floor, kitchenette Triumph-Adler 4505c multifunction color printer / copier copy2a
lj2a block A, 2nd floor, kitchenette HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj2a
copy3a block A, 3rd floor, kitchenette Triumph-Adler 4505c multifunction color printer / copier copy3a
lj3a block A, 3rd floor, kitchenette HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj3a
lj-a302 block A, 3rd floor, A302, LaSArIS HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj-a302
copy4a block A, 4th floor, kitchenette Triumph-Adler 4505c multifunction color printer / copier copy4a
lj4a block A, 4th floor, kitchenette HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj4a
lj-b010 block B, ground floor, building management OKI C531dn lj-b010
lj2b block B, 2nd floor, kitchenette HP LaserJet P3015 lj2b
lj3b block B, 3rd floor, kitchenette HP LaserJet P4515x lj3b
copy4b block B, 4th floor UTAX CDC1725 multifunction color printer / copier (copy4b-a3 = print on A3, * -g = grayscale) copy4b
lj4p block B, 4th floor, for the copier HP LaserJet P4015x lj4p
copy5b block B, 5th floor UTAX CDC1945 multifunction color printer / copier (copy5b-a3 = print on A3, * -g = grayscale) copy5b
copy4c block C, 4th floor Triumph-Adler 4505c multifunction color printer / copier (copy4c-a3 = print on A3) copy4c
lj4c block C, 4th floor, for the copier HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj4c
copy5c block C, 5th floor Triumph-Adler 4505c multifunction color printer / copier copy5c
lj5c block C, 5th floor, for the copier HP LaserJet 600 M603 lj5c

Each printer supports duplex printing (unless stated otherwise). This feature can either be used by default by the program from which you initiate printing, or by sending (one-sided) print jobs to a virtual printer named XY-duplex (turning the sheet over the longer side), respectively. XY-duplex-top (rotate the sheet over the shorter side), where XY is the system name of a certain printer in the previous table.

Examples of possible queue names: lj2b, copy5c-duplex, copy4b-g-duplex, copy5c-a3-g-duplex-top .

Print from Windows

You can add a new printer in two ways:
  • By downloading and running the automatic exe installer available for each printer in the section List of printers under the Windows logo.
  • Hand, over Start -> Devices and Printers -> Add a Printer -> Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer -> The printer that I want isn't listed -> Select a shared printer by name (placement and naming may vary slightly in different versions of Windows). And enter the printer name box and the name of the printer, lj4b or lj5c . The resulting string may look like this: .
    When installing, you need to install the printer drivers by yourself, depending on the type of printer you are seeing List of printers . In the last step of the installation wizard, you can select the printer as the default by checking it Set as the default printer.

Once added, you can print from any application that supports printing. This printing is then sent to the selected printer, which can be added at any quantity. Only one, however, may be the default.

Beware , the printing must be enabled for both the machine and your faculty login, see sections In general . For this reason, your login must match your faculty!
Note: Do not log in with the so-called display name, which is displayed, for example, in the menu start . On the contrary, you can leave it unchanged.

To change the login name (login), follow these steps + restart PC:

  • Through GUI:
    On the desktop, click the right icon Tento Počítač | My Computer | This PC -> spravovat | manage -> Lokální uživatelé a skupiny | Local Users and Groups -> Uživatelé | Users > right for the login and Přejmenovat | Rename
  • Through the command line with admin rights:
    wmic useraccount where name='AktuálníLogin' rename NovýLogin

Print from OS X

Add new printer can be through System Preferences -> Print & Scan and create another plus button in the window that appears under the list of existing printers. Next, you need to complete the IP configuration, for example for lj3b-duplex:

  • Address:
  • Protocol: IPP
  • Queue: printers / lj3b-duplex
  • Name: Print lj3b duplex
  • Use: Generic PostScript Printer

In the case of a duplex queue, it is necessary to select after entering and confirming this data Duplex Printing Unit .

Print from UNIX

First of all, it is necessary to have a print system installed CUPS . If you are not using an exotic version of unix / linux distribution, this software is easily available on your system. After installing CUPS, you only need to have a file /etc/cups/client.conf add a (or edit an existing) item to a separate row ServerName :


Now all printable programs should work with printers as standard. If you do not dare to set up CUPS yourself, type on and we will configure your computer.

Print from another login

Print jobs must be sent from a user account whose login is identical to your faculty login. Therefore, we generally recommend working with your faculty login account.

In other cases, printing can be done alternatively by creating a helper account with faculty login and then executing the programs from which to print, from the command line, either through gksudo :

mujlogin$ gksudo -u xlogin libreoffice &

or if you have a SSH server installed on your machine, use the ssh :

mujlogin$ ssh -CY xlogin@localhost
xlogin$ libreoffice &

Print from command line

Basic commands:

  • Printing: lpr -P tiskárna soubor1 soubor2 ...
  • Listing queue content: lpq -P tiskárna
  • Canceling a print job: lprm -P tiskárna identifikace_úlohy


anxur$ lpr -Plj2b soubor.pdf
anxur$ lpq -Plj2b
lj2b is ready and printing
Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                         Total Size
active  xdufka  224     soubor.pdf                      1024 bytes
anxur$ lprm -Plj2b 224

More about lpr (individual parameters lpr it is usually possible to enter and pause in one command):

  • Force paper size (see also tips below): lpr -o media=a5 soubor
  • Force duplex printing (long side rotation): lpr -o sides=two-sided-long-edge soubor
  • Force duplex printing (rotation over shorter side of sheet): lpr -o sides=two-sided-short-edge soubor
  • More (scaled) pages per page: lpr -o number-up=4 soubor
  • Printing in three copies: lpr -#3 soubor
  • ... a full list of generally applicable options can be found here

Tips for printing from Unix

Automatic sheet-stitching when printing

The corresponding parameter lpr are for copy4b, copy5b:

-o KCStaple=UpperLeft|UpperRight
for copy5c, copy2a:
-o 'Staple=1Staple(Left)|1Staple(Right)'

If you print multiple copies using the parameter -#n , it is also necessary to add a parameter -o Collate=true .

Set the default printer

So you do not have to enter a parameter at a time -P název_tiskrny , you can set the default printer by using the command lpoptions -d název_tiskárny . For example, the command lpoptions -d lj4p-duplex sets the default printer to lj4p-duplex.

Direct (raw) printing

Each printer has a virtual queue through which jobs are sent without intermediate processing by the print server directly to the printer. The name of this queue is derived from the printer's system name, just add a suffix -raw . Optionally, use the parameter -o raw at lpr . E.g. therefore lpr -Plj2b -o raw whose lpr -Plj2b-raw .

Locales and printing of text files

For proper output of accented text files, it is necessary to have locales, namely the environment variables LANG and LC_MESSAGES (according to the CUPS version, the correct setting of both variables is certain). For example, for a file containing the Czech characters in ISO-8859-2, the correct setting is:





Invalid printing from Mozilla / Firefox browsers; documents intended for paper size "letter"

Especially printers on the 4th floor of building B tend not to correctly print a job specified by Mozilla or Firefox if you do not explicitly select the paper size as A4 in the Print dialog (Ctrl + P) in the Printer Properties. This may also help with the non-printing of documents that are written in "letter" format. If you enter a job from the shell, append it to the command lpr parameter -o media=a4 .

Problems with psutils

If you want to print multiple pages at one, do not use it psnup , but use the parameter -o number-up=počet . Program psnup does not generate correct Postscript, and you may encounter problems when duplicating duplexing. If for some reason PostScript has already passed psnup you have it, so you can try it over the program ps2ps (available for example on aisle in module gs ) to correct pPstscript or ps2pdf to PDF.

If transfer with help ps2ps generates a document that is unsightly compared to the original, you can try to correct the original Postscript by following the command (file names and replace with the appropriate names):

$ sed 's/^%%BeginProcSet/%%Page: 1/;/^%%EndProcSet/d' >

Print A3 on copy4b

When printing A3 documents on general printers of the printers, the printing may remain awaiting the correct paper tray on the display because the printers can not automatically select / change the tray to A3 according to the size of the printed document.

There are several ways to solve this problem: You can use the -a3 printer queue where the correct tray is set or manually set in the print dialog except the A3 paper size using the "Cassette 2" tray. In the case of printing, you can use the A3 queue or specify the following switches:

-o media=a3 -o InputSlot=PF700B

Problems with two-sided Landscape printing

For some printers (such as copy5c, copy2a), when printing some Landscape PDF / PS documents (for example, ISPs), the content of all pages is printed on both sides, starting at 90 degrees relative to the paper media, resulting in print cuts. You can work around the problem by modifying the PS document with Perl script . If you want to print a PDF document, you need to apply the pdf2ps tool first.

This issue does not apply to one-sided printing or two-sided Portrait prints. It also does not apply to IS printing where the correction is applied automatically.