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Nymph Station

Nymfe * stations are student stations in the PC hall and in Linux classrooms (B130, A219). During the summer holidays, only stations Nymfe01, Nymfe02 are available for remote connection, which run continuously until 5 o'clock until a restart. Due to restricted access to the FI network can be connected to Nymfe * machines remotely only from the MU network (for example via the machine Aisa ).

For information on holiday operation read message board .

In addition to the usual remote access via SSH, you can also use, if necessary remote access via VNC .

From Nymph * you can also access the Windows home directory .

They display the current station occupancy room maps in the Faculty Administration.

You can also read about the older atypical problem , which we solved in connection with the Nymphs.

Deployment overview

  • PC hall - nymfe01–22, nymfe75–86
  • A219 - nymfe87–105
  • B130 - nymphs23–74


  • Intel® Core ™ i5-8400 6-core processor running at 2800 MHz (turbo 4000 MHz)
  • Each core has a 256 KiB L2 cache
  • 500 GB NVMe SSD
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Ubuntu operating system

Origin of the name

The name Nympha comes from Greek mythology: Nympha - the water, forest and mountain goddesses of the Greeks and Romans, similar to our fairies and mermaids.

Vojtěch Zamarovský: Gods and Heroes of Ancient Myths