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Faculty account

The faculty login is not a password and the faculty password is not a secondary password to the IS!

Tip: you can change your faculty password or find out your faculty login in the FI password change application.

Username (login)

The login is generated automatically according to the faculty relationship at the time of account creation in the following format:

  • prijmeni - Internal Staff (Contract);
  • qprijmen - external employees (agreement) or visitors;
  • yprijmen - support staff (usually building management);
  • xprijmen - internal students (FI branch);
  • xučo - external students (from another faculty).

If you have had a recent FI account, your login will be retained even if your new relationship type is different.

Faculty password

The faculty password is not a secondary IS password!

When you create an FI account, the password is set to the secondary ISu password (if it is strong enough), but from then on it is completely independent of it. If you change one of these passwords, the other does not change. The faculty password can be changed:

For whom is the faculty account created?

Persons who meet at least one of the following conditions are eligible for an account:

  • Students who are actively studying at FI.
  • Students in courses that require access to computer labs or for which the instructor has explicitly requested it
  • active employment in the form of a work contract or agreement at a faculty department
  • Teachers who teach a faculty course or whose course is scheduled in a faculty building *
  • membership of an IS access point that allows access to classrooms/rooms by (ISIC) card reader
  • members of subject committees or subject and scientific councils

* - In this case, the account is created for the duration of the semester (classes and exams) and in the case of consecutive semesters also in between. The account is also provided even if the person is not teaching in the current semester but has teaching in the previous and following semesters (i.e. "bi-semester" teaching).

The account holder is informed of the creation of the account by email to the IS. An informational email is also sent approximately three weeks before the account is cancelled if the account is no longer eligible. In the event of account cancellation, you lose access to all services associated with the account. However, in justified cases, temporary forwarding of mail to another mailbox may be requested. Account information can be found in the Faculty Administration under My Account under the Overview link.

The information used to create or cancel accounts is synchronized from the Information System to the Faculty Administration twice a day.

I have a different login than what corresponds to my FI relationship

The account record is retained for a period of time after the account is cancelled. Thus, if you were from another faculty and enrolled in a course at FI, you would be given the login xuco, which would be retained even if you later became an FI employee or student, perhaps after a year.

Employees or graduate students who previously had a faculty account created based on another faculty relationship can request an additional email alias be set up at in the form , if it is not populated. However, the faculty login remains the original one.

Where to resolve problems

If you think you should have an active account and you do not, make sure you have an active access card (e.g. ISIC) and then contact the persons responsible for this:

If you are a student and have interrupted your studies but are working on your thesis and need a faculty account for this purpose, contact your supervisor. Your supervisor can contact with a reasoned request and a proposed date to extend the account.

If you are a lecturer, please contact the lecturer of the course or the supervisor of the discipline under which the course falls.

If you are a member of staff, the issue should be taken up with the Head of Department or Human Resources.

Services using a faculty account

An active account gives you access to many faculty services - you can usually identify them by their domain ( In particular:

These services use the Kerberos password sharing system. This means that passwords are not stored on individual machines, but on a central server, which is queried by stations/servers/services for password validation using a secure protocol.

What is not covered by the faculty account

MU Information System

Use your username and primary password to log into IS. Use your uco and secondary password to access email in IS (address form uč

MU single sign-on

Use your uco and primary password to log in:

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University services with secondary password

For logging in, the ucho and secondary password are used:

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