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Faculty account

Faculty login is not učo and faculty password is not a secondary password to IS!

Tip: you can change the faculty password or find out your faculty login in FI password change application .

Username (login)

The login is generated automatically according to the relationship to the faculty at the time of account creation in the following form:

  • prijmeni - internal staff (contract);
  • q prijmen - external staff (agreement) or visitors;
  • y prijmen - support staff (usually building management);
  • x prijmen - internal student (FI field);
  • x učo - external students (from another faculty).

Faculty password

The faculty password is not a secondary IS password!

When creating an FI account, the password is set to the secondary IS password, but has been completely independent of it ever since. Changing one of these passwords does not change the other. The faculty password can be changed:

Who is a faculty account created for?

The right to an account arises for persons who meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • students with active study at FI
  • students of subjects that require access to computer classrooms or for which the teacher has explicitly requested it
  • active employment in the form of an employment contract or agreement at a workplace of the faculty
  • teachers who teach the subject of the faculty or their subject is scheduled in the faculty building *
  • membership in an IS access point that allows access to classrooms / rooms with a card reader (ISIC)
  • members of branch commissions or branch and scientific councils

* - In this case, the account is created for the duration of the semester (teaching and examinations) and in the case of subsequent semesters also between them. The account is also provided even if the person does not teach in the current semester, but has teaching in the previous and next semester (ie teaching "every semester").

The owner is informed about the creation of the account by e-mail to the IS. In case of loss of the right to the account, an information e-mail is also sent approximately three weeks before its cancellation. You can find account information at Faculty administration in the My Account section under the Overview link.

The information on the basis of which accounts are created or deleted is synchronized from the Information System to the Faculty Administration twice a day.

I have a different login than corresponds to my relationship to FI

The account record is retained for a period of time even after the account is canceled. So if you were from another faculty and enrolled in the course at FI, you will receive a login x uco , which will be retained even if you later, perhaps after a year, become an employee or student of FI.

Employees or doctoral students to whom the faculty account was previously created on the basis of another relationship with the faculty may request the setting of an additional mail alias in the form prijmeni @ , if unoccupied. However, the faculty login remains original.

Where to solve problems

If you think you should have an active account and this is not the case, make sure you have an active access card (eg ISIC) and then contact the persons responsible in this regard:

If you are a student and have interrupted your studies, but you are working on a final thesis and you need a faculty account for this purpose, contact your supervisor to contact them with a reasoned request and the expected time for which you will need the account. .

If you are a teacher , contact the lecturer of the subject or the guarantor of the field to which the subject belongs.

If you are an employee , the problem needs to be solved with the head of the workplace or personnel department.

Services using a faculty account

An active account gives you access to many faculty services - you can usually identify them by domain ( something. ). In particular:

These services use the Kerberos password sharing system. This means that the passwords are not stored on the individual machines, but on a central server, which the stations / servers / services query for correctness with a secure protocol when verifying the password.

What does not fall under the faculty account

MU Information System

Use your učo and primary password to log in to the IS. For access to e - mail in IS (address of the form uč ) use the učo and the secondary password.

MU single sign-on

Used to log in učo and primary password :

It provides .

University services with a secondary password

The login and secondary password are used for login:

It provides .