Day with Industrial Partners

Twice a year, at the end of each semester, an all-day meeting of companies - industrial partners with FI students and staff takes place, this event is open to partners at all levels of cooperation.

A Day with Industrial Partners of FI is an all-day event. Companies have the opportunity to directly address students, introduce the activities of the company, to familiarize the students with the possibility of internships cooperation on the project, and present topics of theses and jobs offered by the company, etc.

The Day is devided into morning and afternoon block/presentations for students; each block has two parts - first part of presentations for students takes place in the lecture hall and the second one is held on the stalls.

Prospective partners (companies) who are interested in cooperation with the faculty may participate passively at the Day and get the first idea of possible cooperation.
In this case, please register at the e-mail: