A short reflections on the Day with industrial partners at the Faculty of Informatics MU, Spring 2022

Dorota Jůvová, Barbora Bühnová, 26. 5. 2022

jarp SPP On Thursday, May 19, 2022, a Day with Industrial Partners (SPP Day) took place at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FI MU). This all-day event offers the students and the general public an opportunity to learn more about the cooperation between FI MU and partner companies. The Day with industrial partners was attended by 28 companies. In the thematic blocks, speakers from 15 companies were led by three moderators. Students could visit 6 workshops organized by companies and the Career Center of MU.

The program in the D3 lecture room was divided into four main thematic blocks. Furthermore, the students and visitors had the opportunity to meet with representatives of companies through the booths in the entrance hall and ground floor of the D building. There were also thematic workshops offered by the companies themselves.

jarp SPP The Day with industrial partners was opened by Barbora Bühnová, Vice-Dean for Industrial Relations, Faculty of Informatics, MU, who presented the program for the whole day. After that, Václav Matyáš, Vice-Dean for Relations with Graduates and Lifelong Learning, FI MU, took the floor and presented the certificates to the finalists of the Competition for Talented Students in 2022.

The first block was presented in English. The panel discussion topic was Innovation and R&D in partner companies - lessons and future directions attended by representatives of Red Hat Czech, Lexical Computing, AT&T, and Oracle-Netsuite. After a short break, presentations on the topic of the Final Thesis is not the final destination - the stories of graduates who further developed their work in practice moderated by Václav Matyáš. Representatives from Lexical Computing, Kentico Software, and Daite presented here.

During the one-hour break between the blocks, it was possible to visit the first part of the representatives of partner companies at the booths. Alena Hooperová, a representative of Internships and Lifelong Learning, also had a booth there.

jarp SPP The afternoon blocks began with an expert discussion on the use of artificial intelligence and extensive data analysis in practice, moderated by Barbora Bühnová, where it was possible to see representatives of Konica Minolta, Y Soft Corporation, Kyndryl, and SAP. The program in the D3 lecture room was closed by a panel discussion on What knowledge and skills valued in practice the students/graduates often lack with insights from the representatives of InQool, Logex, and NÚKIB, moderated by the academic director of CERIT and the head of theLasaris Laboratory, Tomáš Pitner

This was followed by the afternoon bootsh of the second part of partner companies' representatives and the booth of NÚKIB. The whole program was closed by workshops by the Career Center of MU and Lexical Computing, AT&T, Tescan and TNS.