Annual Reports of Association of Industrial Partners FI

Association of industrial partners of Faculty of Informatics MU has been 14 years helping students, researchers and companies to join forces in merging theory with practice

Barbora Bühnová, Renata Vévodová and Eva Matějková, April 20, 2020
Loga-SPP-04-20 The Association of Industrial Partners (AIP FI MU) has been operating at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University for 14 years and since its inception has grown to the current 30 actively cooperating companies, which is the current capacity limit. AIP is an active platform, thanks to which a number of activities have taken place, the main goal of which is to involve academics and students of all levels of study in cooperation with industry. Thus, students can further develop and evaluate their theoretical knowledge in the corporate environment, either in the form of a final thesis, internship or involvement in projects within the cooperation of the company with faculty research laboratories. All partners at the level of strategic partnership also participate in the joint supervision of doctoral students and related joint research.

Year 2019 was in terms of cooperation, another successful year. We will be happy if you look back at it with us in a short Annual Report and in more detail in this article.

As part of joint activities, 99 final theses have been successfully finished in cooperation with AIP companies last year. The activities also included a competition for the best bachelor/master thesis in the field of IT security and applied cryptography, with the participation of InvaSys a.s., Y Soft Corporation, a.s., and Trusted Network Solutions, a.s. companies. Although the topic of security is common in multiple cooperating companies, it is only one of many. For example, the strategic partner Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, spol. s r. o., cooperates with students of all levels and study programs on topics close to and applicable in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and semantic technologies. The strategic partner Red Hat Czech, s.r.o., covers a wide range of topics and being the leading partner in the number of supervised theses. In 2019, Red Hat Czech successfully supervised 9 bachelor and 11 master theses. For many companies, the final theses also contribute to research and innovation in the company. An example is the Flowmon Networks, a.s. company, where bachelor theses often grow into internships focused directly on the innovation of Flowmon solutions. Last year, for example, a bachelor thesis was carried out, which led to an extension of the Flowmon solution with new features in the area of automatic product configuration based on monitoring requirements. The author is now on a long-term internship at Flowmon in the experimental development team. In general, the works prepared in cooperation are evaluated as of very high quality and some of them are awarded the Dean's Award, which was last year, for example, the case at Trusted Network Solutions, a.s., Red Hat Czech, s.r.o. or

Competition 2019 Another successful activity is the Competition for talented students at FI, which is primarily intended for students of the 2nd and 3rd semesters of bachelor studies, and is held once a year. The format of the competition is limited to 24 hours, when students solve tasks in the assignments jointly designed by FI laboratories together with companies from AIP. The reward for successful researchers is the opportunity to obtain a student position in one of the participating laboratories with a company scholarship, and contribute to the collaboration of the two. In 2019, Red Hat Czech, Konica Minolta, Lexical Computing, AHEAD, Y Soft, Flowmon Networks, and others took part in the competition. Some companies support more students in this way. For example, MONET +, a.s., in 2019, supported 2 student positions in the field of secure signing using secure multipart cryptographic protocols (SMPC) in the context of mobile applications and smart cards.

Den SPP 11 19 07 An important element in AIP's activities is the Day with Industrial Partners, which takes place directly at the Faculty of Informatics twice a year. The main goal of the event is to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the companies cooperating within AIP, to learn more about cooperation, conditions, goals and opportunities to actively benefit from the cooperation. Just as AIP itself has evolved over the years, the Day with Industrial Partners awaits changes this year. A new format and program is prepared, which will go even further in the form of thematic blocks of cooperation and successful examples of cooperation. Workshops will be offered by some of the companies.

Events on various topics, individual lectures, workshops and community events for students take place throughout the year. Last year, for example, Red Hat Czech, Kentico Software or IBM prepared them, where Red Hat Czech and Kentico Software have their own premises ready for this purpose in the FI MU building.

Within the AIP, companies have the opportunity to participate in teaching at FI. They can provide individual lectures or full courses in cooperation with FI professors. Last year, for example, Red Hat Czech, Y Soft, IBM, InQool, Kentico, Honeywell, Novanta and others took advantage of this opportunity. The most active in this respect is the Red Hat Czech company, which last year provided invited lectures in more than six courses, and organized numerous other educational events in the Red Hat open source laboratory at the faculty. NXP Semiconductors participated in the modernization of the PV198 Onechip Controllers course, by providing new hardware and content of the course.

In 2019, there was an increase in the number of sponsored PhD positions by AIP's strategic partners. In this form of joint supervision of doctoral students in cooperation between FI and the company, 11 doctoral students are now studying. The support defined in this way is the condition for a strategic partnership. However, support is also possible outside the strategic partnership within the lower categories of partnership, as in the case of TECHNISERV, spol. s r.o., which supports a PhD student with whom they collaborate on individual analyzes and studies.

None of this would be possible without the intensive interaction of cooperating companies with FI research teams and laboratories. In this respect, the Center for Research on Cryptography and Security (CRoCS), Laboratory of Software Architectures and Information Systems (Lasaris), Center for Biomedical Image Analysis (CBIA), Design and Architecture of Digital Systems Laboratory (EmLab), Natural Language Processing Centre (NLP), Sitola Research Laboratory, and Laboratory of Data Intensive Systems and Applications (DISA) are the most active ones.

Another popular contact with students is the organization of competitions and advertisements for internships for students, and job positions for graduates. It is the internships that come to the forefront of the attention of both companies and the faculty within the new study programs at FI MU, for which the internships are a mandatory part of the study. In addition, it is a welcome tool for cooperation, where students' knowledge is applied in practice and at the same time students get acquainted with challenges faced in industry. A very active partner in this regard is theIBM Global Services Delivery Center Czech Republic, s.r.o. company, which offers internships to more than a dozen students every year. And a small R&D branch of the French company Nexa Technologies CZ s.r.o. last year involved three trainees, to whom they were able to prepare an individual assignment of the problem, which the trainees were able to successfully solve according to their time possibilities and the time dedicated to the internship.

In addition to research and teaching cooperation, the cooperation also has a popularization and cultural overlap. The very popular FI Film Festival was supported by Flowmon Networks as a general sponsor. Financial support was also provided by Kentico Software, 24i Media, Red Hat Czech. provided the festival with prizes. Honeywell, Kentico, Seacomp, 24i Media have actively helped to popularize science within the Science Night program. Mycroft Mind, 24i Media, Honeywell, AHEAD iTec contributed to attracting new applicants to FI by engaging in the program during the FI Open Days. We are very pleased with the long-term positive relationship of Petr Palas with his alma mater. Petr Palas is a FI graduate and the founder of Kentico, who also supported the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of FI, when he liven up Alumni Day with his lecture.

We would like to thank all the cooperating companies and participating research laboratories. We wish everyone a successful continuation of the cooperation in the future, and we look forward to emerging activities that you can look forward to.

Therefore, follow the FI information channels so that you do not miss these events!

Cooperation in 2019 – facts and figures

S T R A T E G I C    P A R T N E R
Invasys a.s. Supported PhD student, co-organizer of the competition for the best bachelor and master thesis in the field of IT security and applied cryptography.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, spol. s r.o. Direct cooperation with students of Bc, Mgr and Ph.D. programs on topics close and applicable in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, semantic technologies.
Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o. Support of 5 Ph.D. students in the fiel of joint research. Annual participation in the Competition of FI talented students.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Lexical Computing.
Red Hat Czech, s.r.o. Successful supervision of 9 bachelor's and 11 diploma theses. In the field of joint research, support of 3 Ph.D. students. The first year of work on the joint TAČR grant AUFOVER has been completed.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Red Hat.
Honeywell, spol. s r.o. Successfully defended 4 diploma theses. Cooperation in the field of research on AMASS (EU ECSEL) project and the joint TACR grant AUFOVER.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Honeywell.
IBM Global Services Delivery Center Czech Republic, s.r.o. Cooperation on the basis of student internships, events for students and support for the language education center and the SSME field of study.
InQool a.s. Active involvement in teaching, including the provision of lectures in teaching the development of modern user interfaces.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - InQool.
Kentico software s.r.o. In addition to thesis supervision, Kentico Academy is a popular way of practical education among students. Kentico is also a partner of the FI film festival.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Kentico.
MONET +, a.s. MONET + supports the activity of students in the competition of talented students and cooperates with the CRoCS laboratory at FI.
TECHNISERV, spol. s r.o. Involvement of a Ph.D. student who participates in joint analyses and studies.
Y Soft Corporation, a.s. In addition to theses supervision at the Bc and Mgr level, also support for several student competitions, participation in teaching and preparation of a joint TAČR project.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Y Soft.
S M E   P A R T N E R
Flowmon Networks, a.s. Supervision of final theses. The author of the jointly conducted bachelor thesis is now on a long-term internship in an experimental development team.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Flowmon Networks.
GoodData s.r.o. Involvement in the theses supervision and interaction with the laboratory that proposes the topics. s.r.o. Active cooperation based on theses supervision, activities for students, cooperation with one student in the competition for talented bachelor students.
LOGEX Solution Center s.r.o. Collaboration on several ongoing bachelor theses with students in the field of data processing.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - Logex.
Nexa Technologies CZ s.r.o. In addition to supervision of bachelor and master theses, there was cooperation with three interns.
Novanta Česká republika s.r.o. Cooperation in the field of bachelor and master theses supervision. Involvement in the PA192 Onechip Controllers course.
Safetica Technologies, s.r.o. Active supervision of about 5 final theses per year, about half of which are designed to fit the students. Cooperation on the basis of semi-annual to annual internships, sometimes combined with theses.
SANEZOO EUROPE s.r.o. Newly established membership in SPP and the start of cooperation in the field of bachelor and master theses supervision.
SEACOMP s.r.o. Active cooperation in the form of final theses with currently three active students.
TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. Cooperation in the field of joint supervision of bachelor and master theses.
More detailed information can be found on page cooperation FI - TESCAN.
Trusted Network Solutions, a.s. In addition to cooperation in the form of jointly conducted final theses (one diploma thesis awarded the Dean's Award) also participation in teaching.
Turing Technology s.r.o. Newly established cooperation within the AIP. Collaboration on the development of a complex chatbot for communication about Turing Technology products in English.
VF, a.s. Active cooperation on the joint supervision of master and bachelor theses in cooperation with the EmLab laboratory at FI., s.r.o. Very active start of cooperation within AIP, supported by interesting research and a team of 3 master students, 1 doctoral student and 1 new postdoc researcher.

Annual Reports

As every year, the year 2019 was evaluated from the point of view of SPP in the Annual Report (PDF, in Czech).