Bachelor Internship
Cybersecurity (SB200)

  • The main purpose of the internship is to gain real work experience.
  • You will receive 20 credits for successful completion of the internship.
  • To successfully complete the internship, you must complete the following sub-steps:
  • Find an internship
  • Fill in the internship proposal and ask for approval
  • Insert protocol of acceptance
  • Submit interim documentation
  • Close the internship by uploading the final documentation

Find an internship

During your internship, you can work as a systems administrator, network administrator, security operations centre (SOC) operator, CSIRT team member, junior or middle management of cybersecurity, software engineer of secure IT applications and systems, as well as a training officer or assistant to cybersecurity managers.

Internship conditions

  • You will complete the internship in one semester. You can start your internship in the fall semester no earlier than July 1, and you can start your internship in the spring semester no earlier than January 1.
  • The internship lasts min. 480 hours and the whole internship will take place in one organization.
  • The internship must be completed at least half of the time during the teaching period of the semester in which you are enrolled.
  • Remember that at least half of the internship period will be spent in an office among colleagues and no more than half will be completed from a home office.
  • You must have a supervisor in the company who meets the requirement of having achieved a university degree and a minimum of three years' experience in a related field since graduation.
  • Submit all internship documents on time (Internship Proposal, Admission Protocol, Interim Report, Statement of Work, Final Report, Final Presentation).


  • Start looking approximately 3 months in advance. If you don't know, keep an eye on the Association of Industrial Partners FI MU and the Job Postings folder in the Course Materials, sign up for JobCheckIN, the jobs site, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.
  • We recommend combining two responsibilities into one, and writing an undergraduate thesis at the company in addition to the internship. Some of the most experienced and supportive companies in this regard include Red Hat, InQool, Oracle, and Monet+.
  • You can also intern abroad and take advantage of Erasmus and other programs, or as a freemover - your own agreement and finances.


Do I have to choose only from SPP member companies?
No, subscribing to the SPP newsletter - interesting jobs for students - is certainly useful, but you can find a position in any IT company, and it is even possible to do an internship abroad. CERIT companies are close by and we don't rule out an internship directly in a lab at the faculty.

Are there any restrictions on the company?
Yes, you will not be approved for an internship if a conflict of interest is identified (for example: the sponsor is a brother or the owner is a parent, etc.). You also cannot complete the internship as a self-employed person, even so there are enough legal forms to choose from.

Where can I find out more about internships?
Directly next to the course for the following term you will find both the forms and the Information and timetable presentation, where everything relevant is available, even though you may not have registered for the course yet.


Not sure how to find a job?

You can use the services of the Career Centre
and the JobCheckIN MU offerings.

Job offers:

Internships have taken place for example:

  • Red Hat Czech
  • Monet+
  • NXP
  • Setco