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Bachelor internship - Cybersecurity

  • The main purpose of the Bachelor's internship is to gain real work experience.
  • You will get 25 credits for successfully managing it.
  • To complete the internship, you must meet three sub-objectives:
  • Find an internship
  • Complete the internship
  • Close the internship

Find an internship

Find an application whose content interests you and is related to the field of ICT. The position must meet the requirements of the job: You can apply for an internship as a system administrator, network administrator, operator of security monitoring centers (SOC), member of CSIRTs, lower or middle cybersecurity management, software engineer of secure IT applications and systems, but also as a training worker. or assistant cybersecurity managers. In the company, you must have a guarantor who meets the condition of achieving a university degree and min. three years of experience in a related field since graduation.

Find a job

  • Start searching about 3 months in advance. If you don't know, watch the offer FI MUNI Association of Industrial Partners and the Job Offer folder in the Study Materials of the course.
  • Register the subject SB200 - Bachelor Internship - Cybersecurity and a thorough list of information in the course syllabus.
  • You complete the SB200 internship in one semester. You can start the internship in the Autumn semester no earlier than 1.7., You can start the internship in the Spring semester no earlier than 1.1. Proposals can be uploaded to the folder in the Study Materials in advance, write questions directly to the coordinator. You work 12 weeks at one institution. At least half of the internship must be completed in the teaching period of the semester in which it is enrolled.
  • Before the beginning of the internship, you must submit a completed internship proposal to the relevant folder of Study Materials and ask the IS for consent to enroll in the course.
  • After registering the course, you submit an Acceptance Protocol signed by a company representative through the Submission Office.

Successfully complete the internship

  • Evaluate your work on an ongoing basis, so you learn more and writing a technical report will be much easier for you.
  • During the internship, you will supply documents, their syllabus and form can be found in the Study Materials of the course: a statement of work in .xlsx and an interim report from the internship .
  • If any internship problems arise and there is a risk of non-compliance, immediately contact coordinator!

Close the internship

The internship ends with the submission of the final technical report (syllabus in the Study Materials of the chosen subject), a complete report and the formulation of all experiences for the presentation . The protocol on the completion will be confirmed by the guarantor on behalf of the company.

Internship coordinator

Alena Hooperová
Phone: +420549494641

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