• The main purpose of the Interim Project is to gain real work experience.
  • You will receive 16 credits for a successfully completed project.
  • To successfully undergo the Interim, you must complete three steps:

1. Find a suitable job

Find a project related to IT that interests you. All positions must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Interdisciplinary communication (project management, economics, finance, marketing, graphic design etc.)
  2. Use your gained knowledge in IT.

Students on the Interim project complete their internships in various specializations from business process management, process analysis, SW testing to administration and development of web interfaces and applications, designs in the field of UX, UI or graphic design. They also implement strategies for online marketing or completely own projects. All this is usually run in compliance with project management methods.

In the company, the student must have a guarantor who fulfillesthese two criteria: a university degree and at least three years experience working in the field covered by the traineeship.

Anticipated steps:

  • Start searching about 3 months ahead
  • Follow the offer of the FI MUNI Association of Industrial Partners
  • Sign up PA180 Interim Project I + II / PA185 Interim Project I
  • PA 180 - Quick option - suitable for intensive projects lasting about one semester
  • PA 185 + 186 - Slow option - two to three days a week during two semesters working for a single company
  • Settle documents in time before the changes in the enrolment are closed (usually two weeks after the beginning of the semester)
  • You must request approval with enrolment in the IS before starting the course and upload filled-in Interim Proposal to the right folder in Study Materials of the course.
  • After enrolment, you will upload signed Protocole of Acceptance using Homework Vaults to the specified deadline.


  • Alena Hooperová
  • Email: hooperova@fi.muni.cz
  • Telephone: +420 549 49 4641

2. Successfully complete the internship

Evaluate your work on an ongoing basis, that way you learn more and compiling the technical report will be much easier for you. In the case of the slow optin, do not forget to register PA 186 at the beginning of the second semester.

During the Interim Project you will deliver specified documents, their syllabus and a form can be found in the Study Materials of the subject: a statement of work in .xcl and an interim report from the internship.

Note: If any problems occur with your Interim Project and there is any risk you will not be able to meet all conditions or actually not complete it, contact administrator immediately!

3. Complete the Interim project

The Interim Project ends with the submission of the final technical report (syllabus in the Study Materials of the chosen subject), a outlining any benefits and experience gained in a presentation. The Protocole on completion will be undersigned by the guarantor for the company. Finally, the presentation of the work takes place in the form of an interview with the teacher.

Required documents

You will find all the required documents in the Study Materials of the chosen subject.