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Software Engineering Internship

  • The main purpose of the internship is to gain real work experience.
  • You will receive 16 credits for successfully completing the internship.
  • To successfully complete the internship, you must meet the following sub-objectives:
  • Najdi si stáž
  • Vyplň návrh stáže a požádej o souhlas
  • Vlož protokol o přijetí
  • Připoj průběžnou dokumentaci
  • Uzavři stáž odevzdáním finální dokumentace

Find an internship

First, in the 3rd semester of your SWE program, find a job opportunity that interests you and is related to the ICT field.

The focus of the internship should correspond to one of the following: software systems or mobile application development, software engineer, UI/UX or frontend developer, database systems architect, DevOps engineer.

In the company, the student must have a supervisor who meets the requirements of a university degree (MSc/Ing.) and a minimum of three years of experience in the field of the internship.

The individual steps

  • Start your search approximately 3 months in advance. If you don't know, keep an eye on the FI MUNI Industrial Partners Association offer, the current offer appears in the CAP folder, and the Job Offer folder in the Course Study Materials.
  • Register for the SA200 Internship - SWE.
  • Complete the paperwork in a timely manner before enrollment changes are finalized (usually two weeks after the semester begins).
  • Prior to the start of the internship - preferably before you begin work, but no later than 14 days after the first internship date - upload a completed internship proposal to the Completed Internship Proposal folder in Course Materials and request approval from IS at the time of enrollment.
  • At that time after course enrollment, submit an Acceptance Report signed by a company representative via the Submission Form.

Successfully complete the internship

  • Evaluate your work continuously, you will learn more and writing a technical report will be much easier for you.
  • During the internship you will deliver documents, you will find their outline and form in the Course Study Materials: the .xlsx statement of work and the Interim Internship Report.
  • If there are any problems with the internship and you are in danger of not meeting the requirements, contact the administrator immediately!

Close the internship

The internship ends with the submission of a final technical report (outline in the Study Materials of the chosen course), a complete report and the formulation of all experiences in a presentation. The completion report will be confirmed by the supervisor for the company.