Competitions related to programming and computer science

For secondary school students
Mathematic Olympics category P secondary schoolsspringCzech competition for secondary school students
CEOI (Central European Olympiad in Informatics)programmingAnnual informatics competition for secondary school students. The CEOI took place at FI MU four times: 2024, 2015, 2007 and 1999.
IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics)secondary schoolssummerWorld olympiad in informatics.
Postal seminar in Computer Sciencesecondary schoolyearlyPostal seminar for secondary school students organized by FI students. For winners is organized K-SCUK.
InterSoBsecondary schoolspringBrno multi-discipline, one-day, team competition aims at natural sciences.
Secondary school expert activitysecondary schoolspringTalented secondary school student’s competition in solving of specialized problems in 18 scientific fields. The most successful students are often selected for attending similar international competitions.
CPSPC 2017 (Czech-Polish-Slovak Preparation Camp)secondary schooljuneCzech-Polish-Slovak Preparation Camp, serving as a training before the International Olympiad in Informatics
Tour de Appsecondary schoolautumn-spring A team competition in web application programming, during which participants not only try their hand at programming but also experience project management and working with clients.