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25th anniversary of the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University – Alumni Day

25th anniversary of the Faculty of Informatics MU and Alumni Day photo gallery, June 15, 2019

  • 9.00 Registration at the foyer of the faculty. Possibility to register a lecture for a rump session
  • 9.30 Possibility to see posters about FI history. Possibility to put children to the children's corner in the ICS club or in the D2
  • 9.55 Welcome by founding dean of FI, Jiří Zlatuška and by FI alumni, now member of the European parliament Marcel Kolaja; lecture hall D3
  • 10.00–12.30 The schedule at D3 (+ D1) hall
    • 10.00–11.00 The lectures from FI alumni
      • 10.00–10.10 Jakub Jurových – Machine learning in the film industry,
      • 10.10–10.20 Petr Krontorád – The joy of imperfection or how to enjoy a pre-lost struggle for perfection,
      • 10.20–10.30 Jakub Nešetřil – How IT affects society and society affects IT,
      • 10.30–10.40 Petr Palas – A young marmot advisor or what every right IT engineer should know,
      • 10.40–10.50 David Pavlík – Why the successful innovative companies have bigger goals than revenue, market share or world dominancy.
    • 11.00–11.30 The lecture FI yesterday (by Petr Sojka) and today (by Jiří Barnat)
    • 11.30–12.00 A panel discussion Quo Vadis FI? panelists: Jiří Zlatuška, Jiří Barnat, Bára Kozlíková, Radovan Musil, moderator: Vashek Matyáš
    • 12.00–12.30 Rump session (graduates can give a short, 1–3 min lecture, registration on the spot), moderator: Vashek Matyáš
  • 10.00–12.30 Open doors to laboratories and workplaces at FI – Lasaris, NLP, HCI Lab, EmLab, A318 films from FI MU Movie Festivals
  • 12.30–15.30 Refreshments in the lobby of the lecture halls "D" and in the FI courtyard, D3+D1 the slideshow and movies from FI history, AGD+M photo studio (till 3 PM)
  • 15.30 Transfer to the MUNI 100 festival at BVV Trade Fairs Brno, timetables of shuttle buses (in Czech only).

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ICS Open Day

On the 15th of June, the FI is also taking place at the FI to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Institute of Computer Science ICS Open Day.