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Program C-CV Lifelong learning
MiVT Computing Technology

Candidates can choose individual subjects from the faculty offer (if they meet any conditions of the subject, eg capacities); these subjects are attended by students of ordinary studies.

Admissions to the C-CV program Lifelong learning at the Faculty of Informatics of MU, branch MiVT Computer Technology is held twice a year - for the autumn and spring semester.

Admission exam for Lifelong Learning Program, MiVT Field of study Computing is not implemented at the Faculty of Informatics, admission procedure is not charged.

To admit to the program, a trainee must meet the following requirements:
  • 1) Completed secondary education (document proof of education)
  • 2) Submit the application in electronic form
  • 3) To pay the training fee, which is determined on the basis of the chosen subjects

Deadline for submission of application
An electronic application can be submitted twice a year (admission procedure for the semester autumn, admission procedure for the semester of spring).
In the application form, please provide your e-mail address, to which the Lifelong Learning Department sends you information on lifelong learning at the Faculty of Informatics, admission procedure, registration of courses, ordering and purchase through the MU Business Center.
  • Collection of applications for spring semester 2018:
    10. 1. 2018 - 27. 2. 2018

Information on subjects will be obtained by applicants in:
Study catalog
electronic study catalog

The selected subjects are registered in the information system and then ordered and purchased through the MU Business Center.

For more information about registering, ordering and purchasing, visit the site
How to Register and Buy Items

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