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Technical information for teachers

Audio-visual equipment, data projectors

Instructions for use of the technique:

Ceiling projectors are available in other classrooms. The key from the control box to the projector can be borrowed for the whole semester from the Secretary (office B513). If necessary, projection in other areas can be borrowed for a short time at the gatehouse portable projector.

Solving problems and non-standard situations

See Addresses for querying and reporting problems .

Educational software

In good time (at least two weeks) before the start of the lesson, it is necessary to report the software requirements for the lesson itself, ie to specify what SW, in what version, in which classrooms and from when it should be available. Information is sent to addresses , or , or both, depending on the type of operating systems on the computers in the classrooms. It is advisable to test the functionality of the required software, including software that was on machines in earlier years, before starting the class.

Ensuring awareness of operational rules

For courses in computer classrooms, remind students that they must observe operating rules . It is good to stress the prohibition of manipulation with cabling in classrooms (except for cables for connecting own machines). In the case of a subject which involves the execution of more complicated calculations, it is necessary to inform the students about rules of demanding processes . In the event of a violation of the rules, the student's account may be temporarily blocked, regardless of the complications arising from it.

Special exam session

In the classroom B130 we can offer you the use of a special limited session in which students open a predetermined URL in a browser (typically a ROPOT in IS). This session does not allow: address bar manipulation, access to resources outside, access to other programs and files on the PC.

To use this exam session, send to the time of the exam and for each time the URL of the ROPOT questionnaire in IS. 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam and 20 minutes after the start, you will not be able to log on normally, but this special test session will be enforced after you enter your credentials.

The nymfe23 machine is reserved for teachers for the exam session, standard login is possible on this single machine. Note that in normal teaching, the nymfe31 machine is used as a teaching machine, to which projectors are connected, but they are not expected to be needed for the exams.

At the end, please check that everyone has signed out of the exam session ( Alt + F4 ). You can use for checking room map .

Layout plans in classrooms

If you want to find up-to-date overview of registered students in computer rooms, you can use map of rooms .

You can use it to place students for exams spacing plans .