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Technical information for teachers

Audiovisual technology, data projectors

Instructions for using the technique:

Ceiling projectors are available in other classrooms. The key from the cabinet with the projector can be borrowed for the whole semester from the secretary (office B513), or if you have a key from an office, it can also be used to open the cabinet. If you need to project in other rooms, you can rent a portable projector at the gatehouse for a short time.

Solving problems and non-standard situations

See Addresses for inquiries and problem reports .

Software in PC classrooms for teaching

Sufficiently in advance (at least two weeks) before the start of teaching, it is necessary to report software requirements for the teaching itself, ie to specify which SW, in which version, in which classrooms and from when it should be available. The information is sent to the addresses , or , or both, depending on the type of computer operating systems in the classrooms. Before starting the course, it is advisable to test the functionality of the required software, including software that was on the machines in previous years.

Faculty services (GitLab etc.) for teaching

And faculty GitLab can be ensured groups , which can be automatically synchronized according to the teachers and / or students of the subject. You can also make the image available for GitLab CI .

If you are interested in a subject website, see web options , where you will most likely be interested in the GitLab Pages or Web directory space sections.

And faculty virtualization Stratus.FI we can similarly ensure the creation of groups of people that can be automatically synchronized according to the students of the subject. It is also possible to produce private networks, eg for teaching network subjects. In a timely manner agreement it is also possible to ensure mass preparation of the environment - see example in our blog .

Ensuring information on operating rules

For subjects in computer classrooms, students (but also teachers) should be familiar with operating rules and must follow them. In particular, it is a ban on handling cabling in classrooms (with the exception of cables for connecting your own machines) or a ban on switching off / restarting machines.

In the case of a subject that includes the execution of more demanding calculations, it is necessary to inform students about rules for running demanding processes .

In case of violation of the rules, the student's account may be temporarily blocked, regardless of the complications that arise for him.

Network in teaching rooms

In the lecture rooms in building D and in the lecture halls in building A, an Ethernet cable is routed to the departments, which, after authentication via faculty credentials will provide an internet connection. (Can be used as a more reliable and faster alternative to Wi-Fi.)

Exam session with IS ROPOT

On Nymph machines (see classroom map ) we can offer you the use of a special limited session in which students go through home page they can only get to a predefined URL in the browser (typically an ROP in IS). The following are not possible in this session: manipulation of the address bar, access to resources outside, access to other programs and files on the PC.

To use this test session, send to times and rooms of examinations and for each time the URL of the ROPOT in IS. It will not be possible to log on to the computers normally 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the test and 20 minutes after the start, but this special test session will be forced after entering the login details.

For the exam session, it is possible to reserve a machine for teachers in B130 nymfe23 . Standard login is possible on this single machine. Please note that in normal teaching, a machine is used as a teaching machine nymfe31 , to which the projectors are connected, but their need is not expected in the tests. In A219, this role is naturally performed by the teaching machine, and in the PC hall the machine can be reserved in this way nymfe81 .

At the end, please check that everyone has logged out of the test session ( Alt + F4 ). You can use to check room map .

Restricted test session

On Nymph machines, you can (not only) use a limited environment for programming exams, in which students can use text editors, programming language interpreters, etc., but do not have access to the Internet or their own files.

We will adapt the session parameters (available software from Nymphs and modules, network restrictions, available off-line documentation) to your subject. The method of distribution of assignments and collection of solutions must also be agreed in advance; the connection to the Frag system is currently working, other methods can be put into operation as needed.

The beginning of the session and each date is managed manually by the teacher of the Faculty Administration, in which he has the right to control the selected Nymphs at the agreed times. At the end of all deadlines, it is necessary for the teacher to cancel the restricted session again and thus restore the computers to normal operation.

If you are interested in using this test session, please contact us well in advance . We will agree with you on the technical details.

Classroom layout plans

If you want to find out the current list of registered students in the computer rooms, you can use room map .

You can use it to assign students to exams in classrooms and lecture rooms deployment plans .

Mass transfer between učo and faculty login

Scripts can be used to transfer between učo and faculty login uco2login and login2uco which are hosted on Aisa and Anxur servers.

For use, see uco2login --help .