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Technical contacts

Email addresses and phone numbers

There are several technical support addresses/phone numbers. Selecting the correct contact will speed up the resolution of your request:

  • (4346, 4348) - Unix stations/servers/services and network
  • (4644) - windows stations and servers, licensed software
  • (4348, 4346) - wireless network
  • (4346, 4348) - faculty websites
  • (4346, 4348) - GitLab FI
  • (6183, 7150) - audio-video technology
  • (4372) - hardware maintenance of computers and classrooms, replenishment of printer supplies
  • (1829, 1809) - technical problems in the building (window can't be opened, clogged sink, air conditioning, wrong clock time, etc.)
  • (1810, 8962) - reception staff
  • (6095) - cleaning service
  • (6183, 7150) - recording of classes

Phone flaps are listed in parentheses. Outside the MU phone network, prefix them with 54949 (4346 → 549494346 = +420549494346). However, please prefer emails over phone calls if possible.

In case of problems with the operation of shared devices (e.g., network printers), please write to both, and (or as you see fit). You can check the presence of a major problem with IT services in the FI service status report (we are automatically notified of problems reported here).


  • Use bulk addresses, not personal addresses - Contacting all authorized persons will expedite the resolution of the request. In particular, this also allows for substitutability and prevents delays in resolving the matter in case of holidays, etc.
  • Use Reply All - The same reasons as above apply.

Discussion forums

You can also use the discussion forums in the MU IS to report problems and send suggestions:

Other contact addresses