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Creating custom groups is disabled in GitLab to prevent collisions with synchronized groups. If you need to create your own group or want to enable group synchronization, contact your administrator.

GitLab will send you an email if you join a group.

Instructions for owners of synced groups

Please specify in your group request

  • Initial group owner if the group does not have an administrator in the Faculty Administration
  • default permissions for members

We recommend permission for the subject group with students Reporter , for others Developer . The rights can then be modified separately in GitLab.

For groups that are synchronized with the Faculty Administration, special restrictions apply to the law Owner . The sync script only grants this right to administrators. If you grant a regular member this right, they will lose it after synchronization.

Group settings

If you have been granted the group owner right, GitLab allows you to change group settings. You can change the name or description, but in no way alter the path (path). Technically, this option cannot be disabled in GitLab, but it can cause conflicts when synchronizing new groups.

Groups are synchronized with visibility by default Private . This setting can be changed to Internal or Public in SettingsGroup Visibility .