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News on projects

Here you can find information about current open calls related to the Faculty of Informatics. Further information can be found on our Research Funding webpage . Information not only about projects, grant calls, research at MU can be found on the MU Portal. The RMU Research Department publishes a Newsletter, where you can find information about ongoing and upcoming calls and events v/v, and also has a new project IMPROVE, thanks to which the MU Research Department has more opportunities to provide information, organize workshops, assist in the preparation of the proposal and subsequent implementation of the project. Scientists can also use the application, which allows easy automatic search and monitoring of calls for research, experimental development and innovation projects announced by national and foreign grant providers.

We would like to ask those of you who are thinking about joining grant calls to inform us promptly by email at or in person at the Research Support, Projects and Cooperation with Industrial Partners Department. Please allow approximately 7 working days prior to the funder's deadline for submission of proposals to the FI, unless otherwise stated for an individual call.

The Faculty of Informatics of MU became a recipient of the HR AWARD in April 2021, more information can be found on the Faculty's website. MU has also approved the Masaryk University Gender Equality Plan ( GEP), the link is available here .

Upcoming seminars

  • MoEYS - National Large Research Infrastructure Day in Prague - event announcement (2 November 2023) - physical

Currently open calls, information on reporting


European Commission

  • MSCA Doctoral Networks, Industrial Doctorates or Joint Doctorates call open - this is to support doctoral programmes through partnerships between universities, research institutions and research infrastructures, businesses (including SMEs), and other socio-economic actors from different countries in Europe and beyond.
    Selected criteria:
    - the consortium consists of at least 3 institutions from different countries; at least 1 partner must be an EU Member State
    - max. 40% support per consortium member
    - each partner must have at least 1 candidate
    - the candidate must be enrolled in a doctoral programme in at least one EU Member State (in the case of Joint Doctorates, in at least two EU Member States)
    - the candidate may be of any nationality but must not have resided in the territory of the 'Host Institution' for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.
    - min. duration of stay is 3 months, max. 36 months
    - total EU contribution for MSCA DN is max. 360 PM, for MSCA ID and MSCA JD is max. 540 PM
    Detailed information on the call can be found on the EC portal.
    Deadline for submission of proposals: 28 November 2023
  • The Faculty of Informatics of MU became a HR AWARD winner in April 2021, more information can be found on the Faculty's website. MU also has an approved Gender Equality Plan/ Masaryk University Gender Equality Plan (GEP), link available here .
  • Erasmus+ projects - EC calls and deadlines for Erasmus+ cooperation projects can be found here.

J. William Fulbright Commission

  • The J. William Fulbright Commission is an intergovernmental Czech-American organisation established to promote educational, scientific and cultural exchanges between the Czech Republic and the USA through scholarship programmes and advisory and information services. The main focus of the Fulbright Commission's work is the administration of government scholarships and other programs for study, research and teaching in the U.S. for Czech citizens and vice versa for U.S. scholarship holders at academic institutions in the Czech Republic. The administration of the programs includes activities related to the selection process and the scholarship holders' stay in the U.S. or the Czech Republic. For more information, including current offers, please visit the Fulbright Commission' s website .

Other opportunities for international cooperation

Internment projects for faculty members

  • An overview of possible sources of internalisation for faculty staff can be found here, including cooperation in the areas of mobility, partnership development and training, innovation, etc.


Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR)

  • Currently, it is also possible to submit projects to international calls for LA grants with other countries, where the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic acts as a partner organisation. Deadline is governed by the rules of the foreign agency, now it is possible to submit proposals with Switzerland (deadline for Czech applicants 9.10.2023), Germany (continuous call), Austria (continuous call) and USA (continuous call). More detailed information can be found on the GACCR website, on the MU Portal and faculty information in IS. On the GACCR website you can also find a video tutorial on how to fill in the proposal in GRIS. We ask any interested parties to inform the project support for GACR Ing. Komárková as soon as possible.

Municipality of Brno (MMB)

Ministry of Culture (MK - NAKI)

Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports (MŠMT)

  • ERC CZ - extension of the programme until 2032 (call announcement probably March/April 2023)

Ministry of the Interior (MoI)

Ministry of Health (MoH)

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)

  • TREND Programme - Announcement of preliminary parameters of the 11th public tender, sub-programme 2 - "Newcomers" (announcement planned for 4 October 2023), more information here.
  • Programme THETA 2 (1st VS) - Change of preliminary parameters (announcement scheduled for 6 September 2023), more info here.
  • Biodiversity Partnership Call 2023 (scheduled for announcement on 11 Sep 2023) - preliminary info.
  • The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has newly established the Rules of Mandatory Publicity, which all beneficiaries and researchers of TAČR projects must follow. More detailed information can be found on the TAČR website.

MU projects

MU Grant Agency (GAMU)

    MASH - the main goal of MASH is to bring outstanding and successful external researchers to Masaryk University.
    MU offers MASH holders:
    - The opportunity to pursue independent research at a progressive university in a Central European centre of innovation and development.
    - 5 000 000 CZK per year for 5 years
    - Office and laboratory facilities for the research team
    - Welcome service and administrative support
    Open to applicants from all areas of the social sciences, humanities, life sciences, medical and biological sciences. Deadline 8 December 2023.
    Career Restart - the aim is to create conditions for the integration of researchers into research teams at Masaryk University after a career break, for example due to parental leave. Deadline 13 October 2023.
    HORIZONS - The support is intended for costs associated with the preparation of extremely prestigious and important projects of international providers (e.g. European Commission programmes). Applications for support are submitted on a rolling basis.
    If you are interested in submitting a grant application, please contact J. Halámková.
    MUNI Scientist - deadline 29 September 2023. The programme recognises scientists for their excellence and significant achievements in research at Masaryk University. Nominations are submitted by the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies Assoc. Kozlíková.

Specific university research

Faculty of Informatics MU - Student Research and Development Projects (FI Dean's Programme)


Department of Research and Project Support