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Dean's FI program

A new call for project proposals is announced in the Program for the Support of Student Research and Development Projects ( Dean's FI program ) . Deadline for submission of proposals to ISEP and submission of the signed proposal to the department. v / v FI is March 21, 2018, the beginning of funding from 1 April.

On Wednesday, 28 February 2018, a public presentation and defense of these student projects will take place at the A218 lecture hall:


The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic published a call for proposals Lead Agency 2019 (joint Austrian-Czech proposals in basic research) . Proposed projects can be up to three years. The deadline for submitting proposals is 14 December 2017, end of March 16, 2018 (deadline for submitting proposals for IFs is 12 March 2018 to 9 pm). The proposed projects will be assessed on the basis of the Lead Agency (LA) by the Austrian party. The Czech GA and FWF awarded projects finance the relevant national part of the project as set out in the draft budget. See the pages for details GAČRu .

European Commission

The European Commission has published Work Program 2018-2020 . The work programs of each area are published on the site Portal Participant , you can also find here challenges to submit projects. All information about H2020 is available on the web European Commission , further info can also be found at pages of RMU . Among other things, financial support from the RMU in the preparation of projects.

We would also like to ask those of you who are considering joining the H2020 projects to inform us by e-mail or personally to the department. v / v.

Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies