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Project news

Here you will find information about the open calls related to the Faculty of Informatics. For more information, visit our research website R & D funding, and also on the RMU Research Department site an overview of all news, grant calls and actions , which are under way at MU in the field of science and research. You can subscribe to the news in RMU here . The RMU Research Department also publishes Newsletter , where you can find information about ongoing and upcoming I / O challenges and actions.
We would like to ask those of you who are considering joining the grant calls to inform us by e-mail or personally to the department. I / O as soon as possible. Deadline for dept. v / v FI for submission of proposals, count approximately 7 working days before the deadline of the Provider, unless otherwise stated for each call.

Currently open calls, reporting information


European Commission

  • Currently, the ERC Consolidator Grants 2019 call is currently being announced. The deadline for the call is 7 February 2019 . The RMU Research Unit provides individual support to applicants for ERC grants. You will also find more info on the page European Commission.

Faculty of Informatics MU - Student Research and Development Projects (Dean's FI program)

MU Development Fund (FRMU)

Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR)

  • The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic has launched an invitation to submit Austrian-Czech project proposals in basic research - LA . The project proposal must be prepared in accordance with the LA Agency's formal guidelines and regulations (the Agency to which the project is being administered - now the Austrian FWF), which ensures the entire evaluation process in accordance with its usual procedures, rules and decision-making processes. The GA CR and the FWF awarded projects finance each relevant national part of the project as set out in the draft budget. Proposed projects can be up to three years. Deadline for submitting proposals is April 12, 2019 . For more information, please visit the site GAČRu . If you are considering submitting a project proposal to this call, please inform the department. I / O as soon as possible.

  • The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic has announced deadlines for submission of partial (15 January 2019) / final (31 January 2019) reports . Send the reports for inspection by email to department. v / v at least one week before deadlin, submit the final version of the report to ISEP for your project including the signed record (registration record) by January 14, 2019 to 9 am / January 29, 1919 to 9 pm , then the message will be sent to the GACR . For more detailed information, please contact our department. v / v or pages GAČRu . You must adhere to the conditions when preparing the report tender documentation in the year of the contest. It is necessary to properly explain the dedication to other projects, paths if the paths were paid from other sources (and should correspond to the results), the results can not be before the start of the project, you can not write dedication to the previous and current project ... GACR website the FAQs for DZ and ZZ are published.

MU Grant Agency (GAMU)

  • GAMU has announced a challenge in category C - Rector's Program - Supporting Excellent Diploma Thesis. The competition is intended for MU students in a master's degree program who can submit projects to support research at work on their diploma thesis. More information on the site GAMU . Deadline for submitting proposals is January 7, 2019 .

  • GAMU has an open call in category F - Supporting the preparation of international projects. Requests for support are submitted on a continuous basis. The aid is intended to cover the costs of preparation of highly prestigious and important projects by international providers (eg European Commission programs). For more information, see the page GAMU .

Ministry of Finance (MF)

  • The Ministry of Finance issued a call for applications for grants under the EEA and Norway for September 2018 - August 2019 .

Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports (MEYS)

  • The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has launched a competition for the INTER-EXCELLENCE-INTER-ACTION Israel subprogram, which supports cooperation between the research institutions of the Czech Republic and Israel in the following fields: artificial intelligence and robotics with a focus on deep learning, machine learning, computer vision and machine learning with a teacher; clean technologies - application of nano-materials and nano-technologies to real-time monitoring of the environment. The competition deadline runs until 31 January 2019 . A total of 6 projects will be supported with a total allocation of CZK 24 million. Detailed call information is available on the web MŠMT Due to the condition to add the proposal for the partnership agreement to the proposal, contact Radek Martincov or Michael Pavlíková from RMU as soon as possible.

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO)

Ministry of the Interior (MV)

Ministry of Health (MZ)


  • The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic announced a joint call CHIST-ERA III Joint Call 2018 . The deadline for receiving an abridged version of the pre-proposals is January 15, 2019 . You can find detailed information on the announcement, including the tender dossier TA website . Challenges are: Analog Computing for Artificial Intelligence (ACAI) and Smart Distribution of Computing in Dynamic Networks (SDCDN).
    This is an international challenge that is linked to the Epsilon program, which will be followed by a national round of design contests successful in this Joint Call, but it is really specific to its parameters and it is not the standard model you have so far learned from the TA CR.

  • The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic updated the information on the launch of EPSILON's 6th Ceremony for the Promotion of Applied Research and Experimental Development - this competition will not be announced due to the announcement of the first public tender in TREND . The TREND program is a program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will be implemented by TA CR. This call for tenders is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019. For more information, please visit TA website .

Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies