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Horizon 2020 (H2020)


The European Commission has published Work Program 2018-2020 . The work programs of each area are published on the site Portal Participant , you can also find here challenges to submit projects. All information about H2020 is available on the web European Commission , further info can also be found at pages of RMU . Among other things, financial support from the RMU in the preparation of projects.

We would also like to ask those of you who are considering joining H2020 to inform us about Department of Research and Development FI .

General info

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the successor of the 7th Framework Program and the main instrument of the European Commission for funding research, technological development and innovation. Project proposals can only be submitted in open calls announced by the European Commission.

Horizon 2020 has three main pillars:
Excellent Science (Excellent Science) - aims to support excellent research and create the conditions for its operation. This priority is divided into 4 major areas: Industrial Leadership - aims to improve the competitiveness of European industry by: Social Challenges (Societal Challanges) - the objective of this priority is to support research that addresses the fundamental issues and challenges faced by European society in the following areas: In addition to the basic pillars, they will be further funded:

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