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MŠMT - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

General info

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports supports education, research and development through a wide range of grant programs, including international research and development cooperation:

Information on current challenges

INTER-COST - the aim is to support the involvement of Czech science teams in the European multilateral cooperation COST in the field of basic research, industrial research and experimental development. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 18, 2017 .
INTER-ACTION Israel - The call relates to cooperation between Czech R & D and partner companies in the State of Israel in applied research or experimental development projects. The applicant may be an enterprise (based in the Czech Republic) engaged in research. Masaryk University can only be in the role of another participant, it is necessary to ensure the text of the draft contract for participation in the project solution and the draft agreement on the use of results before submitting the project proposal. The proposal for the MU will be signed only after the inspection of these documents. Deadline for submitting proposals is January 31, 2018 .
Please inform us if you are interested in these calls to the department. v / v FI until 1 December 2017 . For more information, please visit the OV RMU page.


Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies