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Cooperation with secondary schools

We select interesting seminars for high school students, offer special courses, prepare the Meet FI event and help them communicate with our industrial partners.

Together with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economics, we manage a website of activities for high school students.

Ambassador programme for secondary schools

FI MU students travel to their home high schools to share their experiences and get other students excited about studying and pursuing a career in IT. You can also invite FI MU faculty and researchers to give a closer look at computer science on specific topics. Contact us at to make arrangements. We offer opportunities for promotional and technical talks, including quizzes and contests for faculty merch, or tours of FI MU. All of this is free of charge, of course.

If you are interested in information brochures about studies and research at FI MU, just fill in the form and we will send them to you by post.

Correspondence seminar in computer science

KSI, or the Correspondence Seminar in Computer Science, is a year-long competition organized by FI students. The goal of the seminar is to introduce the researchers to interesting areas of computer science and to practice programming, mathematical and logical thinking. The seminar is tailored both for complete beginners, who will practice the given problem on simple examples, and for more experienced solvers, who will try to conquer the main competition tasks.

Correspondence Seminar in Computer Science


Do you like programming, solving logic problems or ciphers? The Internet Logic Competition (InterLoS) is a five-hour online team competition. Teams solve given problems of varying difficulty that are of a cryptographic, logical or programming nature. They submit their solutions via a website that instantly verifies them.



The Interterritorial Competitive Goofing Off (InterSoB) is a fun and informative one-day competition for high school students, where you have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of Masaryk University in an unconventional way, test your skills in many different areas, take an interesting trip around Brno with your friends and, last but not least, to compete with other teams.


Get to know FI

If you believe that computer science is boring, you're missing out on a bucket of fun that you can experience with us. We give high school students the opportunity to try out how to (un)study at FI. Explore FI is a two-day seminar where you can experience life as a computer science faculty. Interesting lectures where you will learn a lot of new things. Workshops from which you will take not only knowledge but also something with you. Unconventional computer games, during which you will get to know the faculty in a different way. Students and lecturers who will introduce you to university life.

Know FI


A joint camp for IBIS and KSI seminar solvers at Masaryk University. The camp will feature not only an interesting professional programme but also a packed accompanying programme. The professional program will be partly divided between computer science and biology, partly joint. It will consist of lectures, workshops, discussions and alternative educational blocks.


Python for high school students

A Python programming course designed specifically for high school students. At the end of this course, the student will be able to practice the syntax, semantics, and programming conventions of Python, and use the capabilities of the Pygame library to create games with a graphical interface. In short, read and write programs in the range of hundreds of lines of code.

Python for High School Students

Embedded systems for high school students

A fun course for those interested in programming single chip processors and designing simple electronic devices.

Embedded systems for high school students

Math Olympiad and other competitions

The Faculty of Computer Science co-organizes math Olympiads and other competitions for high school students. See what Olympiads and competitions you can participate in without having to go all the way to Prague.

Student competitions and events