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Czech Science Foundation - Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

General info

GACR provides targeted support for grant projects within the framework of grant projects:

  • standard grant projects supporting basic research projects;
  • junior grants, which aim to create an opportunity for excellent young researchers with the aim of building an independent group with several co-workers (working team) and modern equipment that will revive the current structure of basic research in the Czech Republic;
  • international grant projects (bilateral) aimed at promoting international cooperation in basic research; on the basis of bilateral agreements between agencies, project proposals are assessed independently by both national agencies;
  • international grant projects (LA grants), whose evaluation is carried out using the Lead Agency principle, are aimed at promoting international cooperation in basic research; on the basis of agreements between agencies, project proposals are only assessed by one of the National Agencies, the other accepts the assessment results.
  • grant projects of excellence in basic research EXPRO, first announced in May 2018.

The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic announces a public tender once a year, mostly in February / March.

If the ethics committee's opinion requires the project's focus, it is necessary to fill in the ISEP proposal earlier according to the date of the Ethics Committee meeting and inform the dept. v / v.

Send by data box

Proposals / reports are submitted electronically in the GRIS system. Only the project proposal / message generated by the application, as a PDF file, marked with a FINAL watermark whose name contains the characters "_EN_f.pdf", is delivered by the data box. To do so, after completing the form, the "Error Report" button changes to the "Finalize" button. Pressing this button will generate the final draft / project report. The resulting file can be downloaded in the project design detail in the "Project versions" section. Before completing the form completely, you can create draft / draft project drafts by pressing the "Draft" button. The generated pdf (final), unnamed and unmodified, is inserted into the ISEP, which you close and leave the el. approve (proposal only). After approval, the proposal / report will be sent by a data box to the GACR. You will then see the ISEP data message dispatch note and the GRIS confirmation message.

Current challenges

Information on interim and final reports


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