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Research and development funding

Experts from the Faculty of Informatics submit projects across the field. The most common competitions are GAČR, MŠMT, TAČR, MU, European Union, but also, for example, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the City of Brno and others. If you are considering submitting a project, whether in the role of proposer or co-proposer, please inform FI project department by email or in person. You can contact the project department with your questions at any time during the writing of the project proposal or solution. Regarding Erasmus projects, international cooperation ... please contact Ing. Brolíková .
During the preparation of the proposal and then also in the solution, you must adhere to the tender documentation of the provider, the Act on the Support of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation (No. 130/2002), MU Directive No. 6/2016 - Project Management, or RMU methodological guidelines or FI.

Project design

Each project proposal must be implemented in ISEP (internal project registration system, which can be found in INET) and approved before sending to the provider at the faculty (this is also possible electronically after entering the final proposal directly in ISEP). Before submitting the final proposal, please consult (at least two weeks in advance) the investment and possible co-financing with the Secretary, personnel costs, economic and formal matters of the proposal in the project department. Plan social and health insurance contributions in the amount of 33.8% for agreements, 34.8% (33.8% contributions + 1% social fund) for employment, planning overhead in 2022 at 18.54% .

Ethics, contracts, intellectual property

In the case of work with people, animals, personal data, etc., it is necessary to apply before submitting the proposal to the investor MU Ethics Committee for approval (when submitting a proposal in ISEP). If you need to prepare or consult a contract, distribution of intellectual property rights, applied results during the preparation of the proposal, solution or completion of the project, it is necessary to contact the FI lawyer well in advance. Mgr. Hemp , eventual Mgr. Kunce or Mgr. Fasting on the way FI project department , eventual RMU Research Department .

During the solution

After receiving the contract / decision, please contact FI project department , we will transfer the proposal to you within ISEP into implemented projects, economic dept. assigns the contract to the personnel department you agree on the setting of wages, hours and you can solve the project. To start the project, sign the contract, submit a request for change, etc., it is necessary to have the registration record (guide) for the implemented project electronically approved. Insert all scanned documents into ISEP scanned with signatures. During the implementation of the project, you deal with personal matters at the personnel department, finances at the economic department, at the project department. contracts, changes, reports, questions about the rules, ambiguities.
This is true even if you are a co-designer .

Current challenges

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