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Research and development funding

Experts from the Faculty of Informatics submit projects across the disciplinary spectrum. The most frequent competitions are those of the GAČR, the Ministry of Education and Science, TAČR, MU, the European Union, but also, for example, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Health, the City of Brno and others. In case you are thinking of submitting a project, either as a proposer or co-proposer, please inform the FI Project Department by email or in person. You can contact the Project Department with your questions at any time during the writing of the proposal or project solution. Regarding Erasmus projects, international cooperation... please contact Ing. Brolikova.
When preparing the proposal and then during the solution, you have to follow the tender documentation of the provider, the Act on Support for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation (No. 130/2002), MU Directive No. 6/2016 - Project Management, or the methodological guidelines of RMU or FI.

Project proposal

Each project proposal must be entered in ISEP (the internal project registration system found in INET) and approved by the faculty before being sent to the provider (this is also possible electronically after the final proposal has been entered directly in ISEP). Before submitting the final proposal, please consult (at least two weeks in advance) the investment and possible co-funding with the Secretary, personnel costs, economic and formal issues of the proposal with the Project Office. Plan social and health insurance contributions at 33.8% for agreements, 34.8% (33.8% contributions + 1% social fund) for employment, overhead for planning in 2022 at 18.54%.

Ethics, contracts, intellectual property

In the case of work with people, animals, personal data, etc., it is necessary to seek approval from the MU Ethics Committee before submitting the proposal to the investor (when submitting the proposal in ISEP). If you need to prepare or consult a contract, distribution of intellectual property rights, applied results during the preparation of the proposal, solution or completion of the project, it is necessary to contact the FI lawyer Mgr. Konopac, or Mgr. Kunce or Mgr. Půstová through the FI Project Department or the RMU Research Department.

In the course of the solution

Upon receipt of the contract/decision, please contact the FI Project Department, the proposal will be transferred within ISEP to the implemented projects, the Economic Department will allocate the contract, the HR Department will arrange the salary and time settings and you can start the project. In order to start a project, sign a contract, submit a change request, etc., you need to have an electronically approved record (guide) for the implemented project. Enter all documents related to the project, scanned and with signatures, into ISEP. During the implementation of the project, deal with personnel matters in the personnel department, finance in the economic department, contracts, changes, reports, questions about the rules, ambiguities in the project department.
This applies even if you are in the role of co-proposer.

Current calls

Further information on the calls for proposals of the individual providers

FI projects in progress

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