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TAČR - Technological Agency of the Czech Republic

The TA CR provides targeted support for the implementation of applied research projects in 10 programs:

  • ALFA Program - Support for Applied Research and Experimental Development in Progressive Technologies, Materials and Systems, Energy Resources, Protection and Environmental
  • BETA2 - Public procurement for research, experimental development and innovation for public administration
  • GAMA Program - Supporting the verification of the results of applied research and experimental development in terms of their practical application and subsequent commercial use
  • DELTA Program - Supporting cooperation through joint projects of enterprises and research institutions with major foreign technology and innovation agencies, with which the TAČR has a contract at the time of the competition
  • EPSILON Program - Supporting projects with high potential for rapid deployment in new products, manufacturing processes in given priority areas
  • OMEGA Program - Supporting projects whose results have high potential for application in a number of areas of society
  • ZÉTA Program - Support collaboration between the academic sphere and businesses through the involvement of students of Master and Doctoral Degree Programs of HE and young researchers aged under 35
  • ETA Program - Support for applied social and humanitarian research, experimental development and innovation
  • The THÉTA Program - Support for Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Support for Projects, Program Focus is based on the updated State Energy Policy of the Czech Republic
  • CENTER OF COMPETENCE - Support for the creation of research, development and innovation centers in progressive disciplines with high application and innovation potential
The calls are announced on a continuous basis according to TAČR financial possibilities

Current challenges

Information on interim and final reports

  • The deadline for submitting interim reports was extended to 30 January 2018 on the basis of Bureau decisions.
  • Deadline for submission of the final report is no later than 30 days after the end of the project.


Department of Research, Development and Doctoral Studies