Applicant for partnership in SPP

Cooperation in SPP is intended for companies that will establish a long-term cooperation with a certain team at FI MU. The academic teams (research groups) of the faculty and their focus can be found here. It always depends on the interest of both parties (both on the side of the company and the team at FI MU) whether the initial contact will grow into a successful cooperation. This can be, for example, joint supervision of bachelor and master theses, invited lectures in the classroom, or joint projects with a research focus.

Collaboration in SPP is based on mutual agreements:

The amount of financial contributions for each level of cooperation can be found at the bottom of this page. This amount of money is (after deduction of MU overhead) invested in the joint cooperation - the company has the opportunity to use these funds in coordination with the team at FI MU, e.g. as a reward for the best final theses, students from the competition, etc.

In the course of the cooperation, the following promotional services are provided to each partner within the framework of the SPP:

If you are interested in cooperation, please send us the focus and name of your company, the area of cooperation you are interested in and a contact person for the company to contact for matters related to cooperation.

Dorota Jůvová
Administrator for SPP
tel: 549 495 274