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Department for External Relations and Cooperation with Partners of the Faculty of Informatics MU

The Department for External Relations and Cooperation with Partners of FI MU focuses primarily on communication towards study applicants and raising awareness of the Faculty and its educational and scientific activities. We facilitate connections with the media, the professional public, students, alumni, employees and partners of the Faculty, especially by creating and promoting updated content on the FI MU website. We organise faculty Open Days for study applicants, the annual Night of Scientists programme at the faculty, provide assistance in events of the MU Rectorate, ensure faculty representation in the media (press releases), maintain the FI MU events calendar. We cooperate with the organisers of faculty events towards the public and provide promotional materials. The communication channels used include, in addition to the website, faculty social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), online advertising, PR articles, print advertising and newsletters. We regularly evaluate the success of our communication and marketing activities and take care of the public image of the faculty, among other things by monitoring the media.
We also provide methodological support in the use of the uniform visual style of FI MU.

  • Communication regarding promotion or promotional items should be directed to:
  • For room rentals and cooperation with third parties contact:


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