Categories of cooperation of FI industrial partners

SPP offers three levels of partnership, which are different in degrees of contractual cooperation, the minimum contribution to cover joint activities and the assumed number of successfully finalized final theses in cooperation with the company.

The rules of cooperation with industrial partners at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University are governed by the Measure of the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics No. 4/2023.

Strategic Partner

This is a form of very close cooperation with FI, which can usually assume a serious interest of both parties in other joint activities, such as joint science and research projects, for which the interested parties will try to obtain funding from the state budget or the EU. FI will involve a development team, which may be composed of undergraduate students, doctoral students and staff. Individual subtopics can also be developed in the form of a dissertation; the strategic partner has the opportunity to sponsor doctoral students. Another area of joint activities may be the direction of certain areas of teaching, etc. FI will also invest its own resources at this level on a non-trivial level.

The specific performance depends on the individual agreement of the FI and the Strategic Partner, of course it includes all items of the Partner and SME Partner levels and further eg: We expect from the Strategic partner:


In principle, cooperation on the solution of simple development projects prepared according to the partner's specification and agreement with FI is expected. In cooperation with a partner, the topic can be developed into the assignment of bachelor's and master's theses. Students' work will be coordinated by a designated FI employee. The partner has the opportunity to sponsor Mgr. (or Bc.) students involved in the project, but also to organize internships for students in the company.

The specific performance includes all items of the SME Partner level and further: We expect from the Partner:

SME Partner (Small and Medium Enterprise)

This is an initial level of cooperation that is designed for small businesses interested to join the SPP. The aim is to better understand each other and identify specific options for cooperation.

Specific performance: We expect from the SME partner:

Based on the agreement with the partner, the details of drawing the partner's contribution are determined - after deducting overhead, the contribution is invested according to the partner's ideas in the mutual cooperation project. The partner thus has the opportunity, for example, to support the Bc / Mgr student, to sponsor the best final theses, student competitions, etc.

Partnership category Minimum contribution / year
Strategic partner 256 000 CZK (300 000 CZK from 2025)
Partner 96 000 CZK (150 000 CZK from 2025)
SME Partner 64 000 CZK (100 000 CZK from 2025)