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Open Day for those interested in Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Informatics MU (FI MU)

When and where?

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Open Days in the current academic year

Main programme

Labs, partners and societies you can visit

Center for Biomedical Image Analysis (CBIA)

The CBIA lab is dedicated to digital image processing. You can learn about how digital cameras work or the principles behind photo editing software, for example. We work closely with biomedical disciplines, so you can also learn how to analyze images of cells from a fluorescence microscope or 3D scans from an MRI scanner, for example.

Laboratory of Electronic Multimedia Applications (LEMMA)

The ability to express oneself in cinematic language is a skill that comes in handy in today's accelerating and clip-based world. Guided demonstrations of student film productions will give you an insight into the creative workshop of the LEMMA Lab and the Film Festivals organised by the Faculty of Informatics of MU.

Human Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCILAB)

The HCI lab explores new possibilities for human-computer interaction. We are testing and finding applications for technologies such as motion sensing, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D printing. Come and see how human body motion can be captured or try out how virtual reality learning can take place.

Digital Systems Design and Architecture Laboratory (EmLab)

The lab focuses on the study, development and application of embedded systems (unique single-purpose applications). It is equipped with measurement technology and contemporary technical and software tools for the application of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA-type circuits), single-chip microprocessors and digital signal processors (DSP-type circuits).

Cybersecurity Laboratory

The laboratory specialises in research topics in cybersecurity. Its members have been working in this field for over 15 years and have been behind a number of successful projects during their career, including the creation of a technical cyber training platform and a collaboration with the US Army. They currently focus on key challenges in the domain and regularly involve students in solving them. At the lab station, you will see the spaces where cybersecurity exercises take place and learn more about studying this field at FI MU.

Visualization Lab (VisIt Lab)

In the lab, we design visualization methods to help explore and understand relationships in complex and large datasets. We work with a range of experts in different fields (biochemistry, medicine, education) to provide insights into their data to help speed up or refine their workflows.


Come and learn about Kentico software, our products and our clients. For example, did you know that Kentico was born from the bachelor's thesis of our boss and sole owner - Peter Palas? Or that many of our leaders have grown from FI MU students, for whom we regularly open Kentico Academy? Kentico Academy is a great opportunity to get your first work experience and try development on a real Xperience by Kentico product. We offer participation in the program as a paid internship in Kentico's Brno offices or in our private office at the Faculty of Informatics of MU. By the way, if you are interested in this great opportunity, now is the time. We are now opening the next run!

Monet+ and AHEAD iTec

We are Monet+ and AHEAD iTec and together we are creating a trusted digital world. We are primarily dedicated to the protection of electronic payments, secure identity and the development of modern and secure mobile applications. We are close to academia, collaborating with CRoCS and LaSArIS labs and participating in research projects. We not only offer great faculty facilities, but also the opportunity to work on your bachelor or master thesis directly in our company. You can try out our technologies and interesting security projects directly in practice at our site.

Friends of the Nordic Wildlife Society

We are a student society of people not only from FI who share a passion for computer science, natural sciences and their popularization. Together we organize educational and experiential activities where we try to pass on knowledge to high school students and the public in an interesting and fun way and get them excited for further studies. And to do this, we are a community of enthusiastic people who are eager to spend time together in a meaningful way and inspire each other. At our station, you will learn how and why to get involved in the social life at FI and experience our activities for yourself.

IQ testing

In the morning before the main program, in cooperation with Mensa CR, we offer the opportunity to take a Mensa CR test at a discounted price (registration on the Mensa CR website required).

Further information

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"I have not found another university in the Czech Republic or Slovakia where the Faculty of Informatics offered me such freedom in setting up my studies from the beginning, the possibility to specialize and enroll in an incredible number of courses from other faculties"

Magdalena Kejstová
graduate of the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, majoring in Computer Graphics and Image Processing

What the FI MU Open Day looks like


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