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Management of software systems and services

The study programme develops a unique competency profile of the student based on the intersection of knowledge from multiple areas relevant to software systems and services development management as well as cybersecurity management. A specific characteristic is the focus on strategic and operational management related to the targeting, design, implementation and operation of software systems and services within the context of organizations and different types with a possible focus on their secure operation or IT services. In addition to developing the basic theoretical and technological knowledge and practical development skills acquired in the Bachelor's degree, the content of the follow-up study is expanded to include other dimensions such as the theory and practice of managing teams, projects and processes, communication, softskills and knowledge essential for functioning in economic relations - the basics of marketing, law and others.

The candidate chooses one of the specialisations of Cyber Security Management, Service Development Management or Software Systems Development Management.

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Czech study programme with lectures in English / English programme
Form Full-time
Duration of study 2 years
Graduate profile

Graduates find employment in companies and organizations of different focuses and sizes, but they also receive motivation and basic training for their own innovative business. A distinct competitive advantage of the graduates of the programme is the ability to solve complex problems related to the management of the development of systems and services, for which they can use the skills acquired during their studies. Their potential predisposes them to managerial positions such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), project manager and risk manager.

Graduates of the cyber security management specialisation will find employment mainly in companies and institutions that need specialists capable of cooperating with relevant coordinating institutions and ensuring the management of cyber security processes. These are positions such as Cybersecurity Manager and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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Graduate employment survey

FI graduates are valued in practice, with an average gross starting salary of more than 45,000 CZK in the last few years, according to a survey of all degrees. More on graduate employability

Meet successful graduates

Petr Šigut -
Petr Shigut


FI MU graduates score points with babysitting start-up

While still students, Petr Šigut and David Hrachový founded the Hlídač server, which is used by thousands of parents and babysitters.

Dita Formánková, nee. Přikrylová Photo: Kateřina Šejvlová
Dita Přikrylová


Girls have unnecessary inhibitions towards IT

Graduate Dita Přikrylová left her job as a data analyst to work for the non-profit Czechitas, which wants to get more women into IT.

Study Catalogue

In the study catalogue you will find lists of required and elective courses and a recommended course of study.

Study catalogue


The internship is a compulsory part of the study programme, amounting to approximately 600 hours.

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Specialisations are curricula that set out the requirements for completion of a degree, such as compulsory courses.

Cybersecurity Management

The specialisation Cybersecurity Management takes into account the aspects of the overlap of computer processing outside of fixed system perimeters (e.g. with impact on critical infrastructures), reflected in the field of so-called cyber security and allowing for a specific multidisciplinary overlap of both technical, social and legal aspects of cyber security.

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Service Development Management

The specialization follows the current major shift from the traditional IT design paradigm to IT as a service and from a product-oriented to a service-oriented economy. IT problems and challenges are becoming more complex and knowledge of IT technologies is not sufficient to solve them. A multidisciplinary perspective is at the core of this specialization. Students not only acquire a good knowledge of IT (programming, databases, computer security, networks, etc.), but also the skills needed to understand problems in their complexity (marketing, management, finance or law) and the necessary communication competences.

Meet the successful graduate
Girls have unnecessary inhibitions about IT

Graduate Dita Přikrylová left her job as a data analyst to work for the non-profit Czechitas. She wants to get more women into IT.

Dita Prikrylová

Software Systems Development Management

The specialization is focused on software engineering, i.e. on acquiring knowledge and skills needed in all stages of development, management and modification of information systems and other large-scale software systems. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge needed in the analysis and specification of system requirements, system design, and system implementation and deployment.

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