FI MU Study Catalogue 2024/2025

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Software Systems and Services Management

follow-up master's program (Czech) with specializations

The study program develops unique competence profile of the student based on the intersection of multiple areas of knowledge that are relevant for managing the development of software systems and services, as well as cybersecurity management. A specific feature is a focus on strategic and operational management related to the targeting, design, implementation, and operation of software systems and services within the context of organizations and different types with a possible focus on their safe operation or IT services. In addition to developing basic theoretical and technological knowledge and practical developmental skills acquired in the bachelor's study, the content of the follow-up study is extended by other dimensions such as theories and practices of team, project and process management, communication, soft skills and knowledge essential to functioning in economic relations - the basics of marketing, law and others, which especially (but not only) concerns the specialization of service development. The cybersecurity study takes into account aspects of overlapping computer data processing outside of tightly defined system perimeters (e.g. impacting on critical infrastructure), thus enabling a specific multidisciplinary overlap of technical, social and legal aspects in this area.

The graduates find employment in companies and organizations of different sizes and orientation, but they also get the motivation and the possibility of basic preparation for their own innovative business. The strong competitive advantage of the program graduates is the ability to solve complex management-related problems of the development of systems and services for which they can use the acquired skills by the study. Their potential is predestined to hold managerial positions, such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), project manager, and risk manager. Graduates of the cybersecurity management specialization will find application primarily in companies and institutions that need specialists able to work with relevant coordinating institutions and ensure the management of cybersecurity processes. These are positions as a cybersecurity manager and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Requirements for successful graduation

Compulsory courses of the program

PA017 Information Systems Management
PV206 Communication and Soft Skills
MV013 Statistics for Computer Science
PA152 Efficient Use of Database Systems
PA179 Project Management
PV215 Management by Competencies
SOBHA Defence of Thesis
SZMGR State Exam (MSc degree)
SA100Reg Registration for SA100
SA100 Internship - Management
Security Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PV079 Applied Cryptography
PV080 Information security and cryptography
Management Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PA182 Managing in Reality
PV214 IT Service Management based on ITIL
PV237 Strategy and Leadership
PV271 Risk Management in IT
PV203 IT Services Management

Specialization: Service Development Management

Services Development Management specialization follows the current large shift from the traditional paradigm of IT design to IT as a service and from product-oriented economy to service-oriented one. Problems and tasks in IT are becoming more complex and the knowledge of IT technology is not sufficient for solving them. A multidisciplinary view is the core of this specialization. Students will gain not only sound IT knowledge (programming, databases, computer security, networks, etc.), but also the skills necessary to understand problems in their complexity (marketing, management, finance or law) as well as necessary communication competencies.

Compulsory courses of the specialization

IV124 Complex Networks
PA116 Domain Understanding and Modeling
PA194 Introduction to Service Science
PA181 Services - Systems, Modeling and Execution
PV207 Business Process Management
Computer networks Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PA151 Wireless Networks
PA159 Net-Centric Computing I
PA191 Advanced Computer Networking
PA211 Cybersecurity Operations
Economy Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PV028 Applied Information Systems
PV241 Enterprise and Financial Management
Soft skills Pass at least 1 course of the following list
ESF:MPV_RKMD Communication and Managerial Skills training
ESF:MPV_COMA Communication and Managerial Skills Training
ESF:MPP_CEIT Czech and European Law of Information Technologies
PV236 Time Management and Effectiveness
PV209 Person Centered Communication
IV064 Information Society
PA212 Advanced Search Techniques for Large Scale Data Analytics
PV263 Intercultural Management
Marketing Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PV216 Marketing Strategy in Service Business
PV240 Introduction to service marketing

Recommended course of study

Fall 2024 (1. term)
Spring 2025 (2. term)
Fall 2025 (3. term)
Spring 2026 (4. term)

Specialization: Cybersecurity Managment

Cybersecurity Management specialization takes into account the aspects of computer data processing beyond the well-defined system perimeters (e.g., critical infrastructure impact), reflected in the area of cybersecurity and allowing a specific multi-disciplinary overlap of both technical and social and legal aspects of cybersecurity.

Compulsory courses of the specialization

PrF:BVV14K Theory and Method of ICT Law
IA174 Fundaments of Cryptography
PA197 Secure Network Design
PA211 Cybersecurity Operations
PV079 Applied Cryptography
PA018 Advanced Topics in Information Technology Security
PrF:BVV03K Cybercriminality
IV128 Online Communication from Social Science Perspective
Cybersecurity Pass at least 1 course of the following list
PV204 Security Technologies
PV210 Cybersecurity in an Organization
PV297 Cybersecurity Training

Recommended course of study

Fall 2024 (1. term)
Spring 2025 (2. term)
Fall 2025 (3. term)
Spring 2026 (4. term)