Laboratory of Service Systems

Contact: Ing. Leonard Walletzký, Ph.D.

Web of the laboratory: Laboratory of SES

In the modern era, innovative solutions such as Smart City, Industry 4.0, Service Complexity, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Services are increasingly becoming integral to our daily lives. The Laboratory of Service Systems (LabSeS) is dedicated to conducting research on new approaches, models, and platforms related to these cutting-edge concepts.

Our team, which is both enthusiastic and continually expanding, strives to address the research challenges presented by these multidisciplinary domains. We explore the practical application of contemporary technologies, with the goal of recommending best practices in service design.

A significant portion of our practical implementations involves designing information system applications, with a particular emphasis on the utilization of Artificial Intelligence as a novel aspect of service design. Our research often centers on communication with the users and customers of such systems.

By employing advanced managerial, marketing, and operational research methods, we aim to deliver optimized utility and value. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service systems, thereby contributing to the betterment of society.