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(the second fall of Pyrrhya ) - the daughter of Titus Epimetheus and his wife Pandery, the wife of Prometheus' son, Deukalion.

According to Greek myths, the supreme god Zeus twice decided to exterminate mankind. For the first time at the beginning of his reign, because he was weak and unwise, he did not seem to use anything. But the Prometheus Titan, which brought people fire and education, was spoiled by it. He made it a second time when he became the absolute ruler, and for change because people thought he was too powerful and reasonable, so they ceased to honor the gods. This time he accomplished his intention and sent the flood to the world.

Prometheus, who inherited a mysterious gift to his mother Themid, was aware of Dioc's decision in time, but he did not have enough strength to prevent him. If he could not save all mankind, he had taken care to save at least his son Deukalan and his wife Pyrrhus, who would then re-populate their world with their descendants. He commanded Deukalion to build a sheltered boat, load food supplies, and when Zeus sent a huge rainfall to the Pyrrha to join her. Shortly afterwards there was a terrible cloud of clouds, the waters of heaven mingled with the waters of the sea, and the whole world vanished under the waves of turbulent waves. For nine days and nine nights, the flood had lived through the rain. Then the water began to fall and the ship with Deukalión and Pyrrha landed on the top of Mount Parnassus.

The joy of Deucalion and Pyrrha for salvation soon changed into sadness over the destruction of mankind. Yet they have brought Dios a sacrifice for their salvation. It was very pleasing to the highest of the gods. He decided to keep them alive and sent Herma to them with the message that they would fulfill any wish for their piety. "We pray for one, the great Herme, the mighty Diana: let them again inhabit the world with people."

Zeus kept his word. He called on Deukalion and Pyrrha to go fearlessly forward, not looking back and throwing the bones of the earth's mother. At first, they stood over somewhat unclear diwe's words, but then Pyrrha came to the point that Zeus meant stones, and he had fulfilled his command. From the stones that cast Deukalion behind him, men were born, and women were born from the rocks that were cast by Pyrrha. And the people of the new generation inhabited the earth: men of stone.

Thus the old was destroyed, and the new generation of people was born. According to another version, but only from the time of the systematization of the Greek myths about 6th-5th. century BC, Deukalion and Pyrrha have populated the world in a less miraculous way: through their son Hellan, who became the forefather of the Hellenes, ie the Greeks.

Vojtech Zamarovsky: The gods and the heroes of ancient antiquities