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For FI students, a Subversion version management system is available. Users can create a repository using application at the Faculty of Administration FI.

Line Client

The module is available on Unix machines subversion (if applicable). subversion-X.Y.Z with the currently installed version number). The basic command for storage content management is svn . First, create a typical storage structure with these directories, such as v /tmp/project/ :

trunk /
will contain the current working copy of the project
tags /
is for storing consistent, meaningful versions of the project
branches /
serves to store different project branches

Save your entire project to the directory trunk and then by calling the command svn import the entire structure into the repository:

$ svn import /tmp/project/${REPOSITORY_NAME}
Adding         project/trunk
Adding         project/branches
Adding         project/tags

If we want to get started with the repository, we get the current working copy from the server (meaning important because of the metadata added to each directory):

$ svn checkout${REPOSITORY_NAME} ~/project/
A    /home/xpepik/project/trunk
A    /home/xpepik/project/branches
A    /home/xpepik/project/tags
Checked out revision 1.

For further work with the repository it has svn these parameters:

  • add
  • delete
  • copy
  • move
  • update

For example, we create a new file and assign it under the administration of the version system:

$ cd ~/project/trunk/
$ vim Makefile
$ svn add Makefile

Amendments to the working copy should be saved north:

$ svn commit
Adding         trunk/Makefile
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 2.

Web client

A simple web client is available at the same address with the full repository network name:${REPOSITORY_NAME}

Graphic client

Subversion support is already part of development environments, but there are also graphical tools that will make management much easier. E.g.:

  • RealSVN
  • TortoiseSVN
  • SmartSVN