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The exact time in the FI network

You can use the server to synchronize the exact time of computers. The server provides accurate time by log NTP from anywhere in the Internet and by protocol time (RFC 868) inside the FI network.

Time synchronization on Unix

For exact synchronization you need to install NTP daemon (typically package) ntp , No openntpd ). In the configuration file /etc/ntp.conf then it is recommended to set the faculty NTP server, ie add a line server iburst and comment out lines with directives pool .

The alternative is chronyd, which is part of some distributions (such as Fedora). If you are a server (= ) not already set during installation, can be done by commenting on "pool iburst" in file /etc/chrony.conf and adding a line:

server iburst

Time synchronization on Windows

You can use the command in Windows
w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:manual /update
Note: it is necessary to run it in the command line with admin rights

To check the settings, press
w32tm /query /configuration

Possible problems