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Printing and scanning via the SUPO copier in the PC hall

In the computer hall (B106) in the corner there is a printing device for color and black and white printing in A4 and A3 formats. Printing takes place only under your direction without the participation of anyone else. Yours is used to pay for printing SUPO an account that you must have activated and have a sufficient amount deposited in advance. You can use to deposit banker on the wall next to the printer. The banker only accepts banknotes and does not return.

You can then send the required document from the computer for printing and start your own printing process at the printer with your ISIC card and remove the printed document. You can in advance check , if there is no exam or other event in the computer hall.

Printing from computers in the lobby

Printing from Windows - machines titan01 to titan24

A printer named PRINT MU is installed on the titan01 to titan24 machines. Just send the required document to this printer.

Before sending the print itself, make sure that you have all the printer settings as needed. In particular, focus on color or black-and-white printing. Please note that when sending any print as color, SUPO will charge you a rate for color printing.
You need to open the printer properties to change to black and white printing. E.g. in particular, it is not enough to check Print in grayscale (black and white) or Print color as black in the basic print dialog of Adobe Reader.

After sending the print, the SAFE-Q login window will appear, where fill in your UCO as your login and enter your secondary password . The printing process itself does not start until your ISIC card is attached to the reader at the printer.

Print from your own laptop

Printing from Windows

To print from your own laptop under the Windows operating system, you need to install the client for the SafeQ printing system - SafeQ client 32/64

Unzip the downloaded archive and run the script printMU.cmd located at the root of the unpacked archive. Confirm any UAC permission during installation and when done, a printer named PRINT MU will appear in the printers.

Restart the computer. After that, the procedure is the same as in the case of printing from computers in the hall.

Printing from Linux

Download SafeQ client for linux , during the installation it is enough to follow the instructions in the pdf packaged in the mentioned archive. The IP address of the connection server is and the queue name is color .

Scan to email

The device provides a free scanning service, where it sends the scanned documents in an attachment to the specified e-mail. No ISIC card authentication is required for scanning, just press the "scan" button on the left control panel of the printer. Scan button

Press "Manual Entry" on the printer's main display and enter your e-mail address. Then follow the instructions on the screen. You can use the top manual feeder for uncrumpled loose sheets or you can use the glass under the top cover of the printer.

You always start the custom scan with the green button and then send the finished scan with a cross. You will immediately receive the scanned document by e-mail as an attachment, the printer will not inform you of this fact.

link to instructions

What to do if you have trouble printing

Print jobs can be deleted by logging in to the print server at . To log in, use the same data as when printing, ie UCO and secondary password. Select the job list menu, highlight the jobs you want to delete, and select "cancel from queue" from the drop-down menu. Use the appropriate button at the bottom left to log out.

If you have a problem with the printer, contact your administrator at .

In the event of a paper jam, contact the technicians at .