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Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Informatics

The State Master's Exam in the two-year follow-up study in the field of Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools follows the following rules:
In the case that the computer technology is an approving discipline in which the student defends his / her diploma thesis, its defense usually takes place in the same term as the State Master's Exam in Computer Science. If a student of this branch also studies one of the master's courses in Informatics or Applied Informatics, then he / she holds a Master's degree examination in the field of the aforementioned study programs and the didactics of computer technology. If the student does not study any field of Informatics or Applied Informatics, the Master's examination consists of two pre-selected elective subjects and a computer-aided didactics. Selected subjects the student specifies when submitting his / her application for a state masters examination, and these must be subjects that are listed as optional at the two-year follow-up study program Computer Science for Secondary Schools. Topics tested in selected subjects correspond to their syllables.
Note: The conditions for the Master's degree examination in the second qualification field will be determined by the relevant faculty, which guarantees the teaching in this field.

Didactics of computer technology

The answer to a question in computer science didactics must include:

When evaluating answers to questions from the didactics of computer technology, in addition to professional correctness, consideration will also be given to the form of interpretation (due to the teaching of the lesson); interpretation must respect the principles and principles of general didactics.