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Final Examination - Master's Degree

Form of state final examination

The state master's examination consists of a thesis defence and an oral examination. The entire state examination lasts 1 hour (approximately 30 minutes defence, 30 minutes examination). The student has 15 minutes to present his/her thesis and another 15 minutes are devoted to the analysis of the reports and discussion. During the examination, the student answers unprepared questions, typically a debate of two to three questions.

In the case of negative opinions on the thesis, the student may waive the defense, accept the "fail" grade and proceed directly to the examination. In the case of an unsuccessful defence, it is not possible to withdraw from the examination.

The reason for failing the Master's State Examination is:

  • The student fails to explain (even intuitively) any of the concepts explicitly stated in the question wording.
  • The student is able to formulate definitions of the concepts but is unable to apply them practically even with an elementary example.
  • The student knows the concepts explicitly stated in the question wording, but all only at a superficial level, unable to respond to follow-up questions.
  • Ignorance from one question (i.e., F-level knowledge) cannot be balanced by brilliant knowledge from the other questions.

The language in which the exam is conducted depends on the discipline. SSMEA, EMBA, BITA: English. SSME, EMB: English, Czech or Slovak at the student's choice. Other subjects: Czech or Slovak. The thesis defence is expected in the language in which the thesis is written, but English written thesis can be defended in Czech or Slovak.

Questions for the state final exam

Study programmes accredited from the academic year 2019/2020

Program Curriculum Questions
Theoretical Computer Science Single-subject with specialization TEI questions
Visual Informatics single-subject with specialisation VIZI questions
Computer systems, communication and security single-subject with specialisation PSKB questions
Artificial intelligence and data processing Single-subject with specialisation UIZD questions
Software Systems and Services Management Single subject with specialisation RSS questions
Software Engineering single-subject with specialisation SWE questions
Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools major or minor UISS questions

Programs of study divided into majors (studies begun before the Fall 2019 semester)

Program Major Questions
Computer Science Information Technology Security BIT Questions
Computer Science Embedded Systems EMBA Questions
Informatics Information Systems INS Questions
Informatics Parallel and Distributed Systems PDS Questions
Informatics Computer Graphics GRA questions
Computer Science Computer Networks and Communications PSK questions
Computer Science Computer Systems POS questions
Computer Science Artificial intelligence and natural language processing UMI Questions
Computer Science Theoretical Computer Science TEI Questions
Applied Computer Science Applied Informatics AP questions
Applied Informatics Bioinformatics BIO questions
Applied Informatics Service science, management, and engineering SSME Questions
Applied Informatics Image Processing OBR questions
Teaching for secondary schools Computer Science Teaching for Secondary Schools UVT questions