Master Studies (following Bachelor) – Informatics and Applied Informatics

  • Final exam is oral and generally immediately follows the thesis defence. Student answers to questions without preparation, it is a debate in two to three questions. Oral exam and thesis defence take place before the same exam committee where the student performs both parts of the state exam at the same time. If the student performs an oral examination alone, is relegated to the committee appointed for the relevant field of study.
  • The oral part of the state exam is evaluated by one grade.
  • Duration of the whole state exam is usually 1 hour, 30 minutes for the defence and 30 minutes for an oral exam.
  • Solving of the failure of the thesis defence:
    • in the case of the more negative opponents evaluations on the thesis student may waive the defence, accept the grade "F" (failed) of the defence and go straight to the oral exam,
    • in the case of the unsuccessfully defence it is not possible to withdraw from the immediate follow-up oral examination without failed evaluation of it.
  • State exam focuses on industry expertise or specialization in the broader context of the theory and practice of Computer science. In the oral state examination the student demonstrates knowledge specified in the following lists.

State Exams Questions

ProgrammeField of StudyQuestions
InformaticsInformation Technology SecurityBITA
InformaticsEmbedded SystemsEMBA
Applied InformaticsService Science, Management, and EngineeringSSMEA