State Doctoral Examination – Content and Form

  State doctoral Examination contains defence of thesis proposal and oral exam from two subareas, which student choose according to the agreement with his/her supervisor from below stated areas. Chosen subareas should be thematically different. Each area has professional guarantor, who is able determine new subareas according to student's needs. Content of oral part of doctoral exam is approved by the Doctoral Board FI MU for each student individually with respect to the professional orientation of study. The exam is held in front of an examination board and takes the form of an oral exam.
The fixed exam dates are given in the academic calendar.

Requirements for submission of an application to the state doctoral exam are completion of following courses:

The application form for the SDE.

Areas Questions for the State Doctoral Examination

Computer Graphic and Image Processing
guarantor: doc. RNDr. Petr Matula, Ph.D.
Data Processing and Machine Learning
guarantor: prof. Ing. Pavel Zezula, CSc.
Security of Computer and Communication Systems
guarantor: prof. RNDr. Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Natural Language Processing
guarantor: doc. RNDr. Aleš Horák, Ph.D.
Computer Systems and Networks
guarantor: prof. RNDr. Luděk Matyska, CSc.
Quantum Information Processing
guarantor: doc. RNDr. Jan Bouda, Ph.D., prof. RNDr. Jozef Gruska, DrSc.
Informatics in Life Sciences
guarantor: doc. RNDr. David Šafránek, Ph.D.
Formal Methods for Analysis and Verification
guarantor: prof. RNDr. Jiří Barnat, Ph.D.
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
guarantor: prof. RNDr. Petr Hliněný, Ph.D.
Social Aspects of Computer Science
guarantor: prof. RNDr. Jiří Zlatuška, CSc.
Design of Embedded Systems
guarantor: prof. Ing. Václav Přenosil, CSc.
Approved by the Doctoral Board FI MU on June 18, 2021.