PhD Thesis Proposal

PhD thesis proposal represents a basic control mechanism verifying whether the student will be able to successfully continue working on and finish the dissertation topic.
In particular, the student must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of his research area in the proposal, and present a detailed plan of her/his research work from which it will be possible to assess feasibility and sufficient scope and quality of expected outcomes for the preparation of the dissertation. The thesis proposal may also include original published results of the student, but that is not mandatory.

Recommended Structure of a Thesis Proposal:

Masaryk University

Faculty of Informatics



PhD Thesis Proposal


Brno, date:

Supervisor's Signature:


Area of your interest, motivation, summary of chapters, 2-3 pages.

State of the Art

Overview of related scientific work, summary of classical and up-to-date results and their comparison, intent of the thesis, 8-12 pages.

Aims of the Thesis

Aims and methodology of the thesis ("what, why, how"), expected results, achieved results, schedule of planned steps, at least 2 pages.

External examiner assesses if the thesis topic is dissertable and the schedule is realistic.

Achieved Results

Obligatory for RNDr theses, 3-5 pages.

Author's Publications

For publications with more co-authors describe your part briefly (1-2 sentences) and give your overall contribution (in per cent).