PhD Thesis Proposal

List of PhD Thesis Proposal Defences

PhD thesis proposal serves as an important checking mechanism particularly as far as the conditions and qualifications for a successful continuation of the student's work on the dissertation theme are concerned.

  • Students are requested to enroll a DTEDI course one semester before they intend to submit the thesis proposal
    (enroll DTEDI course for Autumn semester/September -- submission of thesis proposal at the end of Autumn semester/January -- defence of thesis proposal and state doctoral exam at the end of Spring semester/May).

  • Thesis proposals are requested to be submitted to the Office for Research & Development & Doctoral Studies in three bound copies. Thesis proposals can be written in Czech or English.

  • Students are also requested to submit to an abstract (1/2 - 1 page) in an electronic form (txt), the purpose of which is to describe the intent of the thesis (i.e. the description of the problem and expected results). The abstract is requested in both Czech and English.

  • Thesis proposals should comprise 15 - 30 pages and should follow the recommended structure given below.

  • With their signatures supervisors confirm their approval of the content of the thesis proposals.

  • A Thesis proposal is necessary to hand over together with the application to the Doctoral state examination according to the Academic calendar.

  • A Thesis proposal defence is a part of the Doctoral state examination. Students are expected to start with a 12-minute introduction of the intent of their thesis and continue with a defence speech towards the external examiners' reports. A discussion, then two topics (areas) examination and a secret voting by the Defence and State Examination Committee follows.

Recommended Structure of a Thesis Proposal:

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PhD Thesis Proposal


Brno, date:

Supervisor's Signature:


Area of your interest, motivation, summary of chapters, 2-3 pages.

State of the Art

Overview of related scientific work, summary of classical and up-to-date results and their comparison, intent of the thesis, 8-12 pages.

Aims of the Thesis

Aims and methodology of the thesis ("what, why, how"), expected results, achieved results, schedule of planned steps, at least 2 pages.

External examiner assesses if the thesis topic is dissertable and the schedule is realistic.

Achieved Results

Obligatory for RNDr theses, 3-5 pages.

Author's Publications

For publications with more co-authors describe your part briefly (1-2 sentences) and give your overall contribution (in per cent).