PhD Thesis Proposal

PhD thesis proposal serves as an important checking mechanism particularly as far as the conditions and qualifications for a successful continuation of the student's work on the dissertation theme are concerned.

Recommended Structure of a Thesis Proposal:

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Masaryk University

Faculty of Informatics



PhD Thesis Proposal


Brno, date:

Supervisor's Signature:


Area of your interest, motivation, summary of chapters, 2-3 pages.

State of the Art

Overview of related scientific work, summary of classical and up-to-date results and their comparison, intent of the thesis, 8-12 pages.

Aims of the Thesis

Aims and methodology of the thesis ("what, why, how"), expected results, achieved results, schedule of planned steps, at least 2 pages.

External examiner assesses if the thesis topic is dissertable and the schedule is realistic.

Achieved Results

Obligatory for RNDr theses, 3-5 pages.

Author's Publications

For publications with more co-authors describe your part briefly (1-2 sentences) and give your overall contribution (in per cent).