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Circuit Social Aspects of Informatics

  • The sub-topic covered typically addresses some of the areas such as legal aspects, education, access and information, security and privacy, libraries, public administration, culture, philosophy-futurology

Subcategory name

The student will manage the impact of the development of technical and organizational means connected with the development of informatics, computer technology and digital communications in the selected area.

Information society and its manifestations in the chosen area. Whenever possible, a field related to the dissertation topic is chosen or appropriately connected or complementary.

Basic study material:
The definition of study literature will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the topic. Typically, this is a recent, monographic publication that addresses the topic.

Tutor: prof. Jiří Zlatuška, prof. Milos Dokulil

Other Recommended Literature:
In the related areas, as a rule, additional information or case studies are available on the web or in other literature